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Nikki Haley Busted Inflating Job Numbers … Again




At this point, it’s a broken record … yet it remains to be seen whether South Carolinians are giving it a listen.

For a third time, a mainstream media outlet in the Palmetto State has caught S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley inflating her administration’s job numbers (for the previous two instances, click HERE and HERE).

This time it’s reporter Andrew Shain of The (Columbia, S.C.) State  newspaper, who is typically an obedient lap dog for Team Haley.

Not this week …

According to Shain, “only a little more than half of the jobs announced in 2011 and 2012 exist.”

Wait … what? 

That’s right … for every two jobs Nikki Haley says she’s brought to the Palmetto State, one of them simply doesn’t exist.

According to Shain’s report, Haley’s oft-touted claim to have created 57,000 new jobs “includes businesses that never opened, or opened and then closed.”  Additionally, he exposed as false Haley’s claim to have presided over the “East Coast’s fastest-growing economy since 2011.”

South Carolina’s economy actually grew much slower than several of its East Coast peers in 2013 – ranking in the bottom fifteen states in the nation.

Game. Set. Match.  To the reporter …

What Shain neglects to mention (which is something this website has been ALL OVER) is the ever more bitter reality behind the Haley “economic miracle” – employment that’s simply not keeping pace with the rest of the country (or the state’s growing population).

Labor participation in South Carolina under the “Jobs Governor” peaked at 60.9 percent in June 2011 but has been falling precipitously ever since.  It currently sits at 57.9 – the sixth-lowest rate in America.

Shain also fails to point out the fact Haley’s “job growth” is almost exclusively government-subsidized – meaning existing consumers and businesses are being saddled with a higher tax burden.

In addition to its small labor force and anti-competitive tax rate, income levels in the Palmetto State aren’t growing.

Last week the U.S. Census Bureau published updated income estimates for 2013.  South Carolina ranked No. 44 out of fifty states with a median household income of $44,163 – well below the stagnant national rate of $52,250.

Shain does give Haley credit for her claim that “more South Carolinians have jobs than ever,” but he fails to point out there are more South Carolinians than ever  – and the jobs they’ve got simply aren’t making ends meet.

Seriously … how else does Haley explain the unchecked expansion of South Carolina’s dependency state under her reign?

Here’s the problem, though: Haley’s primary competition for the governor’s office on November 4 – Democrat Vincent Sheheen – has failed miserably to expose Haley’s record.  And even if he were to do so, there’s virtually nothing to distinguish his big government approach to “economic development” from hers.

Most frightening of all?  The vast majority of South Carolinians are simply too stupid to figure out they are being lied to – and taken advantage of – by Haley and her fellow “Republicans.”

Which is exactly where the state’s “GOP-controlled” government wants to keep them … 

Pic: Travis Bell Photography