By Will Folks  ||  While the rest of you saps were working (or commenting on FITS’ recent Bowe Bergdahl post), I’ve been vacationing new media mogul style on Pawleys Island, S.C.

Where I will be staying for the next seven days …

Seriously … you can’t beat that view (above ), can you?

No, you can’t. And yes, I roll deep.

Contrary to the flurry of postings this morning, I am not back from hiatus … this is a two-week vacation, which means I’ll be soaking up the sun all the way through Monday, June 16. Assuming I ever come back …


Of course like last week, this week FITS will be updating as the mood strikes … not totally checking out as I’ve done in years past.

Our trip has been fun so far. Despite my contempt for state-run tourism facilities, I took my family to Huntington Beach State Park one afternoon last week where we toured Atalaya Castle – the Moorish-themed mansion that served as the vacation home of industrialist Archer Huntington and his wife, noted sculptor Anne Hyatt Huntington.

I hope to have a recap of that trip later this week …

In the meantime, if you’ve got a tip on something you think we should cover while I’m gone you can send it via the tip line or via email (I’ll be checking those sporadically). Also, I’ll be randomly updating my Twitter and Facebook pages while I’m gone … so be sure to sign up for my tweets or “friend” me if you haven’t already.

Oh and be sure to check FITS tomorrow (Tuesday) evening as we bring results and analysis from this week’s primary elections in South Carolina (assuming anyone shows up to vote).