MaryElizabeth Murdaugh Shares Her Story

“I could have died … but I lived.”

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Last summer, our media outlet published a detailed report on the sentencing of a violent sexual predator in Richland County, South Carolina – citing his case as an example of how the Palmetto State’s justice system got it right for a change.

This week, the case of Robert Drayton was placed in a entirely new context … one connecting it to arguably the biggest true crime saga of the decade and South Carolina’s “Trial of the Century.”

To recap: At around 4:00 a.m. EDT on May 4, 2021 – on the 2000 block of Greene Street near the University of South Carolina – then-39-year-old Drayton broke into the apartment of a female college student. He proceeded to break his victim’s nose prior to strangling and sexually assaulting her as she bled from her face.

Miraculously, this remarkable young woman was able to fight Drayton off after approximately twenty minutes of hell – and somehow managed to flee from her apartment and find safety.

The young woman’s strength persevered after the attack, too – as Drayton’s case made its way through the courts.

During Drayton’s trial last summer, she courageously took the stand to identify her assailant and describe for jurors the horrors he inflicted upon her.

“Not everyone has the strength to do that – and we obviously shouldn’t expect everyone to have that strength,” I wrote at the time. “But she did – and she deserves credit for that.



“Justice was served in this case,” I noted, praising S.C. fifth circuit solicitor Byron Gipson and S.C. circuit court judge Heath Taylor for their roles in the process. But I also praised “the courage and resolve of the victim.”

Gipson also praised her as a “brave young woman” while Taylor hailed her as an “impressive and strong young lady.”

Because this media outlet does not identify victims of sexual assault, the name of this remarkable young woman remained a secret – until this week.

On Tuesday afternoon, Ted Talks posted an 18-minute video to its YouTube page featuring MaryElizabeth Murdaugh – the daughter of Hampton, S.C. attorney Randy Murdaugh and the niece of convicted killer Alex Murdaugh.

In the video, Murdaugh identified herself as the victim of the attack – and described in detail how it transpired, how she managed to survive it and how she has overcome it to live her best life moving forward.

“I was asleep in my apartment until I awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of my door opening,” Murdaugh recalled. “When I looked up there was a man standing above me. His hand was in his pants – masturbating the sight of my sleeping body.”

“I had never seen eyes like the ones that he looked at me with,” she said.

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(Ted Talks)

Murdaugh said she screamed, at which point “he told me if I screamed again he would kill me.”

“I believed him,” she added.

Murdaugh said the next twenty minutes forced her to use a wide array of skills – including regulating her breathing, feigning unconsciousness and forcing her attacker to look her in the eye as a first step to “humanizing” what was happening to her.

“In this fight, I would have to use my tools – the same tools that I developed to fight my depression,” she said. “I had to exert physical strength, but more than that I had to show emotional strength. Everything that I had learned was essential to this moment.”

According to Murdaugh, she confronted her victim during the assault.

“When he looked at my body, I grabbed his face and I forced him to look me in the eye,” she recalled. “I told him ‘I am a good person, and you are doing something horrible.’ I confronted him with his actions – and while it didn’t save me from the assault it humanized the experience.”

According to Murdaugh, she had to allow herself to look into her accuser’s eyes and “connect with him” – not because she desired any such connection, but because it was essential to her survival.

“I could have died … but I lived,” she said.

Murdaugh also recalled the moment she was able to escape from her attacker.

“When his guard was down, I took off running,” she said. “He followed behind me, but he slipped and fell at my ankles – giving me the few extra seconds that I needed to escape.”




In the aftermath of the assault, Murdaugh said her family and friends surrounded her, embraced her spiritual approach to dealing with the tragedy and gave her the support she needed “to move through this with grace.”

“We all became a little more aware of the tenderness of life – and how quickly things can change,” she said.

A month after the attack, MaryElizabeth’s life changed dramatically once again when she learned that her aunt, 52-year-old Maggie Murdaugh, and her cousin – 22-year-old Paul Murdaugh – had been “badly shot.”

After speaking with her father, she called her uncle John Marvin Murdaugh and asked if there was anything that could be done.

“Nothing,” John Marvin Murdaugh told her. “They’re dead. There’s nothing to be done.”

“Both of them?” MaryElizabeth recalled asking him.

“Both of them,” he replied.

According to MaryElizabeth, it was only after the murders that she learned of her uncle’s opioid addiction and history of theft – which she referred to as a “total shock and the ultimate betrayal to the integrity of our family.”

She also pulled no punches in her assessment of the media feeding frenzy that followed the case – which concluded last March with Alex Murdaugh being found guilty of the murders and sentenced to life in prison.

“I watched the biggest heartbreak of my life turn into entertainment for millions,” she said. “This changed everything I know. People that I thought loved me separated themselves from me – I was truly confronted with grief. Me and my family had our hearts broken in front of everyone – and some people chose to hold us, hug us, stand with us. Others chose to write movies about it.”

While I would certainly take issue with Murdaugh’s assessment of her family history, I don’t begrudge her for that response one bit. More importantly, whatever you think of the Murdaugh family – and whatever you may think of MaryElizabeth’s take on her relatives – it is impossible not to admire the courage, strength and resiliency she showed both during and after the horrific assault she endured.

It’s hard to imagine anyone showing that kind of mindfulness in such a situation … but it’s why she is alive today. And the fact she’s sharing that wisdom with others is nothing short of inspiring.

To watch the entire Ted Talks episode featuring MaryElizabeth Murdaugh, click here …



(Travis Bell Photography)

Will Folks is the founding editor of the news outlet you are currently reading. Prior to founding FITSNews, he served as press secretary to the governor of South Carolina and before that he was a bass guitarist and dive bar bouncer. He lives in the Midlands region of the state with his wife and eight children.



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SubZeroIQ May 15, 2024 at 12:27 pm

This about me because Mary Elizabeth Murdaugh would want it this way; and I am sure of it after listening to her TED Talk.
I, too, had a male, born two years before Mary Elizabeth’s attacker, masturbate at me but not in my bedroom, only in my parking lot, which is more shocking in what happened afterwards.
And here is his photo in the act:

But guess how South Carolina’s “justice” system dealt with me because of it.
To be continued, God willing and FITS permitting.

SubZeroIQ May 15, 2024 at 12:31 pm

I’ll have to wait to see if FITS lets my previous comment through.
But I am sure after listening to Mary Elizabeth’s TED Talk, she would want my own story shared because she cares.
I do not know if FITS does, though.

Kidd Top fan May 15, 2024 at 1:58 pm

Ok.. We’re waiting..”/

Kidd Top fan May 15, 2024 at 2:01 pm

Also I don’t think Fits is allowed to delete our comments. Aren’t there protections for that?

SubZeroIQ May 15, 2024 at 3:37 pm

Great to hear from you again, KIDD.
Otherwise, FITS is a private outlet, not a government website; so, he is LEGALLY allowed to pick and choose what comments he lets through. Of course, it would be extremely hypocrital of him to do so yet pretend he has an open microphone.
I hope he does not keep you waiting long for this reply of mine and for, God willing, my next posts.
And I hope he tells me how to insert photos in my comments.
Thanks again for your interest and God bless.

SubZeroIQ May 15, 2024 at 4:33 pm

And here again is the photo of Corey/Cory Lamont Curry in the act of masturbating at me in my parking lot on Wednesday 21 October 2009:

But it still does NOT show up in the comment.
Anyway, I tried to report the event to the City of Columbia’s Police Department (“CPD”); but they had the mentality of “no one can be bad is (s)he hurts Dr. Marie Faltas.
So, I tried to report it to Richland County’s Sheriff’s Department (“RCSD”) and used the photo both to prove it and to ask them for the name of that man using the licensing plate of his blue truck which shows up in the photo because, at that time, I did not know who that man is other than he frequented my then-neighbor and exhibited suspicious conduct during those “visits.”
RCSD did send a now-deceased Corporal El Dada, who did run the licence plate and from it gave me the man’s name and address.
Sadly though, El Dada used in his report a code they have for “cuckoo” and RCSD did nothing to protect me. At that time I did not know how to look up people’s criminal records from the public index. So, I drove by the address El Dada had given me to make sure I was given the correct address at least. The blue truck was there minus a tire.
On 1 December 2009, I appeared before Judge Lee in the context of a civil lawsuit I had filed against my then-landlady and others to get her to stop trespassing on land my mother and I had just bought not knowing that said landlady’s and the City’s sewer lines had been illegally and clandestinely run under that land.
I wanted Judge Lee to order the illegal sewer lines re-routed from my land so I can build on it and to order my landlady and my neighbors to stop harassing me.
Judge Lee took the matter under advisement.
The VERY NEXT MORNING, that is on 2 December 2009, Sara Heather Savitz Weiss (“Weiss”), then a Richland-County Assistant Solicitor, caused TEN, yes 10, CPD officers to descend on my apartment and car and arrest me under FALSE pretext that I was the one harassing that poor saintly Curry as proven by the fact that I had taken his photo in the act of threatening to rape me.
Those false harassment charges against ME were tried before none other than Judge Clifton Newman and a jury in Richland County with me defending myself WITHOUT A LAWYER and, thank God, ultimately fully exonerating myself.
To THIS DAY, I have been asking BOTH Judges Newman, Judge Lee and Judge Hood, AND Solicitor Gipson to look at the perjury used against me in that trial and the previous and subsequent crimes against me; but to no avail.
Of course, it turns out that said Cory/Corey Curry is a drug dealer previously convicted by none other that Heather Weiss herself (who LIED to Judge Clifton Newman about Curry’s and other witnesses’ criminal records) who CONTINUED to commit burglaries and thefts and was most recently arrested for failure to stop for a blue light.
Nothing gets done for me.
Mary Elizabeth Murdaugh is CORRECT in that her political privilege is what caused the system to prosecute her attacker.
MY lack of political privelege is what causes the system to applaud my attackers.
In the context of Judge Jocelyn Newman’s candidacy for South Carolina’s Supreme Court, and of Becky Hill having written in her book that Judge Clifton Newman’s brother had died before the Murdaugh murders trial, I looked up the Newman family members, including the late civil-rights activist I. Dequincey Newman.
He told of, at age 8, urging his father to rescue a black man being burned alive, but I. Dequicey’s father was afraid of being shot if he tried such rescue.
Judge Clifton Newman’s great uncle’s fears may have been reasonable for his era. But I attribute Judge Clifton Newman’s failure/refusal to speak up against what was done to me under Judge Clifton Newman’s own eyes and in his own court as simply not caring about justice for lawful first-generation immigrants.
Calm judicial demeanor my cute size 6.5-foot. Judge Clifton Newman is calm simply because he does NOT care.
There! Let that through, FITS.
To be continued, God willing and FITS permitting.

Anonymous May 15, 2024 at 11:03 pm

Hard to decide which is worse, the 12-year-old dressed in a party dress delivering a Ted Talk using cue cards or SuZeroIQ’s commenting during a meltdown.

SubZeroIQ May 16, 2024 at 3:20 am

Love you, Anonymous.
It’s not a meltdown; but I too noticed that how Americans in Paris overdress for any occasion to compensate for their reputation of owning nothing but blue jeans.

Katie Top fan May 16, 2024 at 8:18 am

Hahaha. Love the comment about SubZero IQ. I have seen plenty of meltdowns from this troll.

SubZeroIQ May 16, 2024 at 3:16 am

No disrespect for Mary Elizabeth whatsoever but the life sentence her attacker received for a non-consummated rape ensures that the next rape or attempted rape victim will get killed one way or another even if she runs.
You see: Nathan Rowland kidnapped (apparently with intent to rape) Samantha Josephson. He got life.
This Robert Drayton (whom I am NOT defending in any way shape or form) tried to rape Mary Elizabeth Murdaugh. He got life.
What punishment did Nathan Rowland get more than Robert Drayton? None.
Understanding that FITS is in the pay of prison-pushers glorified as victims’ advocates, and that Allan Wilson came out in one those rallies and urged people to harass the General Assembly to allocate more money for victims’ advocates, the solution to every problem cannot be throwing prisons and deportations at it.
I previously wrote about how the increased penalty for sextortion will not prevent teen suicides but will likely increase it.
This spreading habit of giving life sentences for non-homicidal crimes will ensure that homicides increase: the criminal will have an incentive to kill the victim to prevent him/her from becoming a witness against the criminal.
And Mary Elizabeth’s case is at least the third one of which I know of rape/attempted rape of a USC student in the university’s vicinity.
One was of a Chinese Ph.D. student who was apparently a virgin because her attacker, Michael Darnell Thomas (“MDT”), could not achieve vaginal penetration due to her pain; so, MDT forced her to bend so he could achieve anal penetration. From pre-trial jail, MDT wrote to his family to try to get his victim killed so she does not testify against him. MDT got 30 years and is trying to get PCR.
Another case is of two attackers who followed USC students from a party and tried to strangle one of them in the process of stealing her laptop.
The moral of all that is that strengthening door locks is a MUCH more effective safety promoter than giving life sentences for non-homicidal crimes.
Mary Elizabeth should know: her uncle got 40 federal years that do NOTHING for the REAL victims of his financial crimer: NOT the Satterfields and that Moore guy with fake or widely-exaggerated insurance claims, but the law-abiding insurance purchasers who see their premiums increase to compensate for the insurance companies’ foolish payment of fake claims.
More on that latter point God willing and FITS permitting.

AC Top fan May 16, 2024 at 6:54 pm

Subzero you need professional help. You are clearly delusional and narcissistic. The story is about a girl who got raped in her apartment not you. And to use the word “consummated” when referring to a sexual assault is sickening-FITS should permanently ban you

AC Top fan May 16, 2024 at 6:58 pm

And by the way both Judges Newman are morons, he and his daughter are two of the most lenient judges in SC and are a large part of the reason we need judicial reform. She has no regard for the constitution or precedent and is the very definition of a judicial activist.

SubZeroIQ May 17, 2024 at 7:17 am

NO, no, NO, no, NO! Neither Judge Newman pere ou fille (that’s French for father or daughter) is a moron. Each is a VERY smart person in a system that would NOT let black people advance UNLESS they exhibit a certain degree of subservience, including what I call “black-on-black” sentencing, meaning harsher sentencing of black criminal defendants to avoid the appearance of favoring their own race.
And BTW, Juliana Michelle Childs praticed it, too, when she was on the South Carolina state court bench. She sentenced a man for eight years for possession of a leaf of marijuana or something. IRONICALLY, when Britney Greiner got EXACTLY the same sentence for two vials of cannabis oil in Russia, everyone was shouting from the rooftops about how savage the Russian legal system is while praising Judge Childs and pushing her for the U.S. Supreme Court as a supposed “law and order” judge.
I call hypocrisy whenever and wherever I see it. The main reason Lindsey Graham was pushing Michelle Childs for the U.S. Supreme Court is that Graham thought/hoped Childs would be another Clarence Thomas only with breasts and a nose job but minus the Yale Law degree and minus the Sacred Heart College education.
Childs turned out to be like, even worse than, Clarence Thomas in one aspect: Childs sat on a residential landlord-tenant case and made an atrocious pro-landlord ruling WITHOUT DISCLOSING that she HERSELF was AT THAT TIME a landlady of at least two residential rental properties.
That came out in her financial disclosures when she went to the federal bench. South Carolina does NOT require the detailed financial disclosures the federal system requires at the nomination/confirmation stage and does NOT require annual financial disclosures from its judges AT ALL.
But going back to the judges Newman, in one transcribed sentencing hearing, Judge Clifton Newman commented that “for a time, Judge Childs was my best friend both on the bench and in life.” Age-wise, the father-deprived Juliana Michelle was probably more of an intellectual daughter to Clifton than an actual friend.
And Clifton probably taught Juliana Michelle black-on-black sentencing. Not that Juliana Michelle needed any lessons in hypocrisy: she had learned plenty of that at the (literal and figurative) feet of Victoria Lamont Eslinger, that faux liberal who claims to champion the oppressed but secretly AND VIGOROUSLY pushes for the deportation of a perfectly lawful immigrant who spoke up against discrimination by national origin.
I do not know whether Childs never saw or saw and saw and swallowed the irony that Eslinger, the runner of South Carolina’s abortion underground before Roe, would have pushed to have Childs’ mother abort her because she was a black teenager impregnated by another black teenager of unstable employment.
And, had Childs not been a judge married to a light-skinned black doctor by then, Eslinger would likely have pushed for Childs to abort her own only daughter because (according to liberal pseudo-science) pregnancies after forty are dangerous for the mother and produce mentally-retarted children.
Perhaps none of that escaped Childs but she always knew on which side her bread was buttered before and during her tenure on the South Carolina bench.
Perhaps Judge Clifton Newman has an innate disdain for criminal defendants even BEFORE they are proven guilty. But “moron” he is NOT.
He is a VERY smart man, but not smart enough to understand that he is accepted in the white man’s higher circles ONLY to the extent that he does NOT OVERTLY challenge white supremacy even when he sees IN HIS OWN COURT the crimes of perjury and subornation of perjury committed by a white (faux Jewish) prosecutor against a semetic LAWFUL first-generation immigrant. Clifton is a very smart man but not smart enough to understand that what was done to L. Casey Manning will be done to Clifton Newman as soon as he IRREVOCABLY leaves the South Carolina bench to take that lucrative job in Altanta, Georgia.
And Jocelyn Thrane Newman is a VERY smart lady, smart enough to major in mathematics and get admitted to MENSA, but not enough to get to medical school, which she revealed in her mutual interview with her father published in South Carolina Lawyer.
I hope Jocelyn Thrane Newman is smart enough to understand that, if she abandons the courage she displayed in ruling South Carolina’s stupid execution-by-firing-squad unconstitutional, if she abandons that courage to get to South Carolina’s supreme court and “improve it from within,” she would have lost all moral authority to improve anything from within or from the outside.
And ANOTHER BTW, the choice of three candidates will prove another lesson in hypocrisy. Blake Hewitt hopes that Jocelyn Newman and Letitia Verdin split the pro-female vote and the one male of the three candidates wins. Jocelyn Newman hopes that Blake Hewitt and Letitia Verdin split the pro-white vote and the one black candidate wins (she is a toosie after all). And Letitia Verdin, genuinely lovely lady as she is, probably still hopes that Blake Hewitt and Jocelyn Newman spilt the outsider vote and the wife of a sitting legislator wins.
The system that forces judicial candidates to sell their souls to cynicism will never acquire the moral authority required for acceptance of a judicial system which FALSELY pretends to have no power of sword or purse.
And the claim, too, is false. The Judiciary has the ULTIMATE power of the sword on both national and individual levels. It has the power to declare a President’s declaration of war or signature on a joint defense treaty unconstitutional. And it has the power to order execution on a living human being. Is that not the power of the sword?
The judiciary also has the power to declare a tax or an expenditure unconstitutional and to uphold or throw out a huge punitive damage award. Is that not the power of the purse?
I wish the judiciary would cultivate REAL moral authority which alone would allow it to be accepted with the power of the sword or the power of the purse or the power to falsely claim lack of use of either the sword or the purse.
The comment to which I am replying proves, not that either judges Newman is “a moron,” but that neither cultivated genuine moral authority, the kind moral authority my late father had over me even after he went to the bosom of the saints but the memory of his voice in my ear was enough to banish from me all thought of suicide when I saw myself, the figurative princess of the 1970-71 pre-med year of Ain Shams University, at risk of being FALSELY imprisoned for years at the word of a convicted drug dealer who had threatened to rape me yet was FALSELY portrayed as “the victim” of MY “harassment in the first degree” of him and his “hostess.”
And I shall, God willing and FITS permitting, have something to say about who is REALLY the “lenient sentencer” relevant to Mary Elizabeth Murdaugh’s story: none other than the whiter-than-white G. Thomas Cooper, Jr. who had sentenced THE VERY Robert Selest Drayton to time served for previous assault convictions with none other than Hatchet-for-Hire Heather Savitz Weiss as the solicitor in one of that VERY Robert Selest Drayton’s prior cases.
Don’t take my word for it, take the public record. That is unless they delete the public record by the time this reply sees the light of day, if it ever does.

SashaK May 16, 2024 at 10:17 pm

Wow! I just happened to run across the video & comments. All were very interesting. I don’t understand why ppl r saying negative things about Subzero. She was not trying to take over MatyElizabeth’s story, but was sharing that in a almost similar situation she had a totally different judicial outcome. I’m just expressing my opinion so no need to reply to me. Once I exit this page, I probably won’t fund it again. Like Mary Elizabeth, I wish peace for all.

SubZeroIQ May 17, 2024 at 11:11 am

I need to thank you, Sashak, whether you see this reply or not.
God bless.

SubZeroIQ May 18, 2024 at 2:08 pm

All right, FITS! I just watched your Week in Review in which you claim to want justice for everyone.
What have you done, or plan to do, to get justice for Dr. Marie Faltas?
What more do you need to even mention her name as one on whom the injustice of the system CONTINUES to fall EVERY SINGLE DAY?
Just so you know: my favorite for South Carolina Supreme Court Seat 3 was Judge Ralph King Anderson, III, who EVERY SINGLE DAY with faith (His Honor even wrote a book on The Lord’s Prayer) overcomes physical disability. But apparently, South Carolina’s General Assembly does not want to bother constructing a wheel-chair to the LITERAL wooden bench of South Carolina’s Supreme Court; so, the Judicial Merit Selection Commission did not nominate that superb person.
But I was moved by what I heard about, and from, Judge Letitia Verdin in that hearing. Parenthetically, I may have been mistaken in writing that Her Honor is married to a sitting legislator. Is she? Was she?
And I hope that does NOT reduce her chances under the theory of “whoever hurts Dr. Faltas or other legal immigrants is good; whoever helps Dr. Faltas or legal immigrants is bad.” But even as a child, Letitia was welcoming to immigrants and urged her classmates to not isolate a newly-arrived refugee from the Khmer Rouge atrocities. That boy who did not even speak English at the time is now the judge’s children’s pediatrician.
In a state with large rural areas starved of doctors, in a country whose medical system would collapse without foreign doctors and nurses, and in “the New South,” whose economic revival hinges on attracting, for example, Mercedes to Alabama, Toyota to Tennessee, and BMW to Greer, South Carolina, the Judicial Merit Selection Commission would do well to examine the candidates’ record of fairness or unfairness to foreigners.
And you, FITS, should have the courage to delve into why one D. Craig Brown of Florence, SC, suddenly quit the circuit bench effective 30 June 2023, at age only 54, after having been one of the most ambitious judges in South Carolina.
You teased “things found” on David Aylor’s cell phone after his 2 January 2023 overdose deaths, which, your tease continued, “implicates judges.” Then you went silent on that. Why?
The only other South Carolina white male (former) circuit judge as arbitrary, tyrannical, corrupt, AND ignorant of the law is G. Thomas Cooper, Jr. And both have connections to Mary Elizabeth Murdaugh’s story on one track and the story of Dr. Marie Faltas on the other.
Do you have the courage to look into either or both of those judges’ misdeeds on the bench?
Do you even have the courage to follow-up on your having teased Chris Wilson as “the other lawyer” into whom the U.S. Attorney’s office is looking in connection with Alex Murdaugh, knowing that Chris Wilson’s lawyer is none other than your Pete Strom?
And do you have the courage to run this comment knowing that my comments get read by South Carolina’s Supreme Court’s “communications director”?
We shall, God willing, see.

Kidd Top fan May 21, 2024 at 1:41 am

Yesssssss..This..All..Of..This!! Hi SubZero..I always love your comments..If ppl would follow along with your comments and your history here they would clearly understand and clearly see what it is that’s happened with all the injustice that has been done..It turns you into a victim..The system is failing us on unspeakable levels..Not just SC but in all states..The law is only as good as the judge..Makes perfect sense to me..Keep telling your stories..They matter!!

SubZeroIQ May 21, 2024 at 2:41 am

Thanks Kidd! And thank God for you and for the few others who, God willing, shall increase.
You always make my day, or this time, my late night.
Since this is the only story on which I can now comment from my own laptop in the comfort of my own home (apparently FITS has changed from 5 free articles per month to only 1), please stay tuned to this thread for additional installments, God willing and FITS permitting.
God bless.

SubZeroIQ May 20, 2024 at 10:09 pm

It is worth recapping here what I have been trying to explain for months:
My comment was from a year ago; and since then, I learned MORE OBJECTIVE and SCIENTIFIC evidence that Richard Alexander Murdaugh (“RAM”) did NOT shoot his wife or his son; AND THE PROSECUTION KNEW IT.
What is more disturbing to me, looking back at my own case in which I defended myself WITHOUT A LAWYER before a jury presided-over by none other than Judge Clifton Newman and, thank God, fully exonerated myself, is that Judge Clifton Newman COULD HAVE KNOWN that the Prosecution was in cahutes with Mark Tinsley and Eric Bland to bring RAM down.
Judge Clifton Newman was afraid to be too demanding of the Prosecution in RAM’s case as he was in mine because Judge Clifton Newman knows that a black man is tolerated in the higher circles so long as he does not rock the boat.
Or as Judge Clifton Newman HIMSELF said to me when I later gently reproached him for not defending me against the punishments inflicted in me for having been innocent AND HAVING PROVED IT. And I quote Judge Clifton Newman’s response to me, “I need to stay in my lane.”
(1) The Prosecution’s time of death is WRONG. It is NOT as soon as the victims’ cell phones locked; but based on the contents of their stomachs AT AUTOPSY about an hour later, when RAM was WITHOUT A DOUBT in Almeida.
(2) The white T-shirt RAM gave SLED is THE ONE HE WORE TO THE KENNELS; and it does NOT have blood spatter from Paul Murdaugh. Do you know what it does have? Blood spatter from that chicken which RAM extracted from the jaws of Bubba the dog.
Ever heard the expression “like a chicken with its head cut off”? Yes! Dying chickens flap their wings and are agitated. It is bird blood because it reacted to Leuco Crystal Violet (“LCV”) but not Hemo-Secure.
Why? Because LCV reacts to the heme molecule which the blood of birds and LOWER vertebrates has; but the Hemo-Secure reacts to the HUMAN globin part of the hemoglobin molecule which bird blood does NOT have.
(3) There were at least three shooters, one of whom was armed with Paul’s long-ago-stolen black-out. That is why the Prosecution’s so-called “star witness” was confident in ruling out the two-shooter theory because they had to be at least three.
You and Judge Clifton Newman may be able to make peace with the wrongful convictions of an innocent man; but I can’t.
God bless nonetheless.

SubZeroIQ May 22, 2024 at 1:39 pm

Courage is not the absence of fears but the overcoming of them for a higher purpose.
Celibacy is not the absence of passions but the sublimations of them for a higher purpose.
Is South Carolina ready to elect an Associate Justice of its Supreme Court who is openly “living in sin” as the Church would rightly call it?
NO! It is NOT her (or his) business and no one else’s.
Because judges are required to recuse themselves in matters in which the judge’s spouse and/or persons related to that spouse in the third degree may have an interest.
When an unmarried judge or judicial candidate is co-habiting “without the benefit of clergy,” litigants have no way to know who may be pillow-talking the judge into decisions influenced by factors outside the law.
That is written in courage, but also in love, on my part: better said now than later.
But if South Carolina would not demand of its judges what real churches demand of its clergy, THE VERY LEAST is to require PERIODIC DISCLOSURES of the relationships and the financial interests of those relationships and of persons related to them in the third degree.
Or else don’t run for judge. You can make a living otherwise with your law degree.
I pray FITS would have the courage and decency to let this through on an expedited basis; and I pray the one(s) meant would do the right thing for their souls and for public confidence in the judiciary.
God bless.

SubZeroIQ May 23, 2024 at 11:25 am

Since you, FITS, pushed the Micah Miller story and reviewed it along with Mary Elizabeth Murdaugh’s story on Saturday 18 May 2024, and since FITS himself wrote a piece “Jesus is not your boyfriend,” and since YouTube did not let through my reply to an anti-God post there, please let me post it here:
?Lovingly and respectfully, the ability to triumph over adversity and to go on, the internal choice to love one’s enemy and try to redeem him/her/them, come from God and are NOT “nothing.”
Those who want God to micromanage the world according to THEIR own understanding do not want a god to worship but a servant to order around.
I respect your free will to believe that an ape suddenly acquired language, imagination, and creativity; then from that ape we all descended.
Please respect my free will to believe that the 7th day is the day in which God rested AS A CREATOR with the creation of human beings in God’s image.
His Holiness, Pope Shenouda III, the successor to St. Mark, in one sermon noted that the Bible does NOT tell us that the 7th day ever ended. So, we Coptic Orthodox Christians believe that God gave us, not only the spirit and the powers, but also THE RESPONSIBILITY to continue the work of creation and redemption in the world as God saw good on the 7th day.
The world God gave us and told us to inhabit NEEDS winds, floods and tornadoes, for plant seeds to be carried all over and NEEDS volcanoes for the metals to burst forth from deep in the earth and become available to us on the surface. These are NOT evils because God also gave us the free will AND CREATIVITY to put our minds to it and PREDICT how NATURE works and let it do its job while we build ourt cities and settlements out of Nature’s way.
God bless.

SubZeroIQ May 25, 2024 at 1:52 pm

Because my comments do not show up on YouTube, and because my reply in defense of Andy Fancher got me insulted but my POLITE reply to my insulter there did not go through, I post the whole thread from there here because cowardice is hypocrisy’s first cousin; and I pray that FITS fights both:
7 days ago
That guy on the left is kinda annoying – I’m only 7 minutes in and I honestly don’t want to watch anymore.
5 replies
6 days ago
Yes I didn’t make it to 7 minutes. He’s way off.
6 days ago
@patriciamoss3760 I feel you. . . very impolite individual- especially on such serious discourse.
6 days ago
He sounds like a pastor actually JP, which is very very creepy
6 days ago
Then don’t watch and leave the rest of us alone. The young man is doing a great job and is passionate about it.
Highlighted reply
7 minutes ago
@marieassaad-faltas1299 Ma’am. . . there’s no one talking to you. . .
0 seconds ago
?@stephainewarzecha9399 , “Ma’am” there are TWO transcripts of ALL FIVE Justices of South Carolina’s Supreme Court (minus SC Chief Justice Beatty but with Retired/Active Former Chief Judge of South Carolina’s Court of Appeals Lockemy) talking to me for almost an hour on 22 February 2022 and again for FOUR HOURS on 22 March 2022.
These were transcribed by SC Supreme Court’s court reporter herself.
FOIA those transcripts for yourself if you think I am imagining people talking to me.
What was so important for those FIVE to spend FIVE HOURS with me is for me to know and for you to find out, if you have the courage to do so.
God bless nonetheless.

SubZeroIQ May 27, 2024 at 3:30 am

I saw a framed cartoon on the desk of a job interviewer in Cleveland, Ohio, and retold it to the jury in my 22-26 February 2010 General Sessions trial on false and fabricated criminal charges from which I ultimately, thank God, fully exonerated myself WITHOUT A LAWYER.
The cartoon broke me up in laughter at that job interview; and my retelling of it got me an encouraging smile from a juror at my later trial.
Here goes the cartoon: Receptionist in doctor’s office to patient: “The doctor specializes in Preventive Medicine. So, if you’re already sick, he’s not interested.”
I have, since before medical school, been committed to Preventive Medicine; BUT if you’re already sick, I am interested to “reverse-engineer” your illness and learn from it how to ensure it doesn’t happen to you or to anyone else again.
What does this have to do with Mary Elizabeth Murdaugh? Plenty.
Robert Drayton was put away for life to ensure he does not do that again to Mary Elizabeth or to anyone else; but how many other Robert Draytons are out there ready to do that and worse to others?
I already told you about Michael Darnell Thomas, who raped the Chinese Ph.D. USC student and later wanted to hire a hit on her to prevent her from testifying against him.
I also need to tell you about Perry Edmonds, who went to steal laptops from Sarah Carroll’s roommates and tried to choke Sarah within an inch of her life when she surprised Perry in the robbery act.
The three crimes were basically in the same block; and Michael’s and Perry’s crimes preceded Robert Drayton’s crimes on Mary Elizabeth but not Drayton’s crimes on other victims.
And Nathan Rowland’s murder of Samantha Josephson preceded Drayton’s attack on Mary Elizabeth.
What we learn from that history is that we do not learn from history because, frankly, there is no institution committed to learning from crime how to prevent crime.
Not police, not prosecutors, not courts, not even true-crime reporters would wave that magic want (if it existed) and make crime disappear because they live off crime perpetuation, not crime prevention.
The lie that tough sentences prevent future crimes is a lie created by prison-pushers and happily repeated by prosecutors and judges to enhance their own powers.
I shall, God willing and FITS permitting, write more details on preventive sentencing versus prison-pushers-pleasing sentencing; and not only for the drug crimes which are now the darlings of conservatives and libertarians alike.

SubZeroIQ May 28, 2024 at 5:37 pm

Strange that SC-ETV would scoop FITSNews on the withdrawal of SC Circuit Judge Jocelyn Newman from the race for SC Supreme Court’s Seat 3.
Perhaps Jocelyn made the choice of love over position as the U.K.’s then-King abdicated the throne to marry Wallis Simpson, only for his grand-nephew to later marry his four-decade mistress, divorcee Camilla Parker Bowles, and crown her queen without two many eyebrows raised.
WASP societies may have changed, but God never changes.
I genuinely wish Jocelyn marries the man she identified to SC JMSC as her “partner in life.”
But if she chooses not to, I wish she would work for semi-annual, or at least annual, disclosures of SC judges’ and justices’ household members and financial holdings. Litigants should be able to know those things up-front and not have to snoop around for them or get shocked when they get revealed in other contexts.
NOW, Candidate Hewitt, too, should withdraw.
That is not to give the sweet Letitia Verdin the easy win.
But because Hewitt is POSSIBLY irreperably marred by his double clerkships with Jean Toal and Joe Anderson.
As much affection as I have for Jean Toal’s work ethic and Joe Anderson’s willingness to nurture real talent when he sees it (as opposed to trying to take it down), I have to resign myself that EVERY lawyer who clerked for either Jean or Joe, a fortiori for both, would have become steeped in the idea that nepotism is “southern good manners.”
And Joe’s once-disbarred father may have been one of the “innovators” of the idea of using false criminal charges to extort settlements in civil litigation.
To those who claim that a judge should remain cool when seeing the courts, so-called “temples of truth,” used for perjury and for framing the innocent, I refer to what Jesus Christ did when He saw the money changers plying their business in THE Temple.
Jesus Christ did NOT maintain a calm judicial demeanor, He did not bang a table with a gavel, He TURNED all the money-changers’ tables.
South Carolina needs judges with Jesus Christ’s jealousy for houses of sanctity. Sadly, no lawyer would have learned any of that at the feet of Jean Toal, Joe Anderson, G. Thomas Cooper, Jr., D. Craig Brown, or Victoria Lamont Eslinger.
And again, FITS faces the choice of letting this comment through so that, one day God so willing, FITS’ children shall marvel at, and take strength from, their father’s courage. Or FITS can do a separate calculus of who is FITS’s subscribers’ and advertizers’ favorite and leave for FITS’ children formative lessons in hypocrisy.

SubZeroIQ May 30, 2024 at 4:56 am

Because I still think (or naively hope) that Jen Wood is better than Malicious Mandy Matney, who got Maggie and Paul Murdaugh killed to profit from pinning the murders on Alex Murdaugh, and because I see parallels between Stephen Smith and Micah Miller, I repost here what I tried to post on Jen Wood’s latest Micah Miller video:
Micah Miller is an even bigger hypocrite than her husband and father-in-law COMBINED ever were; and she knows NOTHING of that Bible she so arrogantly traveled to Kenya to pretend to preach.
“Brides of Christ” is a Catholic term for NUNS, not for married women.
The Epistles speak of THE CHURCH, not of a tattooed uneducated self-centered WASP woman, as the bride of Christ.
The Epistles also speak of the HUMAN BODY as the temples of the Holy Spirit. That is why suicide is a sin. Stop glamorizing it!
And I have an important question: were ALL the doctors and nurses in that facility where Micah was involuntarily committed TOTAL IDIOTS to not know the difference between a genuinely mentally-woman and a woman abused?
What Micah Miller calls “illegal drugs” are most likely her prescribed meds she was too arrogant to take because she thought she knows better than the doctors and the scriptures combined.
Micah Miller’s family is as malicious as Sanctimonious Sandi Smith, who STILL wants to pin Stephen Smith’s death on some innocent Murdaugh; and FITSNews will end up with a lot of egg on their face when even more facts come out.
Medical records, people! Medical records!
And Stephen Smith’s nursing school transcripts, people! Nursing school transcripts.
Micah wanted to take over a church without REALLY studying the Bible; and Stephen Smith wanted to be a doctor without REALLY studying even for his middling nursing school.
When arrogant, intellectually-lazy people bump against reality and decide to unalive themselves, whether by buying a gun or walking into on-coming traffic, there is no shortage of family members who want to pin it on innocent people.
And there is no shortage of unscrupulous so-called journalists who want to profit from it.

SubZeroIQ May 30, 2024 at 10:20 am

For the benefit of those who did not visit Jen Wood’s latest video on YouTube, I respost my comment from there here:
? @MIMI-D , I do not know who took money from whom for what. But what I saw is video from Micah Miller pretending to preach in Kenya with the voice of a translator audible on the video but without the translator herself visible on the video.
Frankly, as a Coptic Orthodox Christian, I do not like WASPs going to Africa and pretending to be Christian missionaries. They should, instead, support the local, deep-rooted, African churches, such as the Sea of St Mark in Alexandria, Egypt, and the Ethiopian Church, which is a marvel BOTH in the faith of the believers and in the wonders of their church buildings.
The deep-rooted Christian Orthodox churches of Africa speak to their believers about, and strengthen them through, prayers, FASTING, monastecism, and meditation, not thoughts of suicide and litigation.
God bless.

SubZeroIQ June 5, 2024 at 8:21 pm

Sorry Mary Elizabeth, FITS leaves no other thread on which to post my comments.
So, here are my thoughts on the horrible proposed “Mica’s Law.”
Remember, I was victimized by “Mary Lynn’s law” in reference to Mary Lynn Weatherspoon, which replaced the presumption of innocence with a presumption of insanity.
In my challenge to South Carolina’s harassment and stalking statute, I wrote that that Mary Lynn Weatherspoon’s death could have been prevented by more secure locks on her door, not by prior restraints on everyone else’s free speech.
Here are my comments on YouTube on the proposed Mica’s law:
While India and China are landing on the other side of the moon, South Carolina is figuring out how to change marriages into battlefields and destroy the American family forever.
This is a horrible law.
Women want to kill their unborn babies because they want the government to not control their bodies. Now, they want the government to throw their husbands in prison for telling them “you have enough boots already; you don’t need one more” or “your hair looks nice as it is; you don’t need to go to the hair dresser.”
Where is FITS the libertarian about this?
Next, it will be child abuse for a parent to tell a child, “you have too many shoes already; you do not need another pair.”
Be careful, FITS, father of eight. You reap what you sow. Do not sow discord and disobedience within families.

SubZeroIQ June 8, 2024 at 3:04 pm

Dear Mary Elizabeth, please continue to bear with me because here is the only place I can be somewhat sure my thoughts get documented and because, “for better or for worse” Dylon Noland quotes my thoughts without giving me credit, here is what I posted (or tried to post) on FITS’s Week-in-Review:
You want the government out of women’s bodies to leave them free to get rid of their unborn children; but now you want the government inside, not only the bedroom, but also in the family room and micro-managing every budget conversation and calling it “coercive control”?!?!?!?
What on earth happened to free speech in “the home of the free and the land of the brave”?!?!?!?!
Before marriage is “pronounced” in the WASP tradition, BOTH parties commit BEFORE GOD to stick together “for better or for worse.”
It is NOT “together only if he lets me buy as many shoes as I want” or “together only if he DISLIKES my hair and lets me go to the hair-dresser as often as it strikes my fancy.”
And let’s examine that sanctimonious Mica Miller (although I don’t like criticizing those who can no longer defend themselves): it seems JP Miller’s FIRST marriage collapsed over his affair with Mica Miller, who was then an adult.
It takes two to tango.
Why did this holier-than-thou Mica enter into an adulterous affair with a then-married pastor? She also had the hypocrisy to go to Kenya and pretend to be a missionary of God.
WASPs, leave Africa alone! It has older and purer traditions of Christiantity.
WASPs, look at yourselves first: what Commandments did you leave unbroken? You covet, you lust, and you get rid of unborn babies and take human lives then glamorize the acts under hypocritical names: suicide, euthanasia, reproductive rights, capital punishment, etc. etc.
Stop the hypocrisy and respect the Constitution!

SubZeroIQ June 13, 2024 at 11:17 am

Dear Mary Elizabeth, I hope at least FITS lets YOU read my comments on this post because I am coming to the frightening conclusion that FITS was pressured into APPEARING to let my comments through but making them visible to me alone.
FITS will not deny this because he decided to act as if I did not exist, which is the current choice of the system in treating me, after trying to convince me that I am a leper and fifth-class citizen SOLELY BECAUSE I was innocent of false criminal charges and, thank God, exonerated myself WITHOUT A LAWYER.
I wanted to trace for you the PRIOR criminal history of your attacker, Robert Drayton, and show how PREVENTIVE sentencing, as opposed to prison-pushers-pleasing sentencing could (ALONG WITH BETTER LOCKS ON YOUR DOORS) have prevented what happened to you.
But FITS allows me access ONLY to this thread and he posted a title that hits right at my commitment to PREVENTION: South Carolina’s persistent high infant mortality rate.
There is political correctness in Medicine, too. And there are three things that are known, or could be known, that would DRASTICLY reduce infant mortality: (1) no sex during pregnancy; (2) no smoking or drinking during pregnancy OR around new-borns or infants or children; AND (3) darn it, breast-feed the children FROM DAY 1 until dentition UNLESS one of the very few genuine medical contra-indications to breast-feeding exists.
God did not create breasts for women to titillate men; God created breasts for women to feed their babies.
A woman who lets her baby be fed by cow’s milk, however processed, is no better than a woman who throws her baby to be raised by a cow.
Without that awareness, infant mortality will continue to be high no matter how much money and demagoguery is thrown at it.

SubZeroIQ June 14, 2024 at 9:13 am

Just a quick comment that shows South Carolina is “a leader” in things that shock the country and that confirms my previous comment on Richland County Sheriff’s Department (“RCSD”) having a code for persons they do not want to help by branding the complainant mentally ill, when, in fact, it is RCSD which exhibits a popular proof of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
I refer to my having shown the late RCSD Corporal El Dada photos of Corey/Cory Lamont Curry PUBLICLY masturbating at me, grabbing his crotch at me, and shooting birds at me WITH BOTH HIS HANDS for emphasis; yet, El Dada did NOTHING for me beyond giving me that man’s name from the license plate of his blue truck which appears in the photos I provided to El Dada.
El Dada’s excuse: he put in his report the RCSD’s code for mentally ill complainant though there is not one person in RCSD who knows a hypothalamus from a hippocampus.
RCSD’s insanity is in failing to follow-up on early signs of gangs invading an area or an apartment complex and expecting those gangs to just do away on its own.
Recently, in the case of Karen Read in Massachussetts, it was revealed that police officers failed to do BASIC investigations because they IMMEDIATELY put Karen Read in their tunnel vision and branded her in their internal texts “a whack job.” They also ridiculed her colostomy and hoped “she kills herself.”
Karen Read’s jury has still not spoken on her guilt or innocence; but several juries have spoken of MY innocence. Yet, the system keeps harassing ME with new threats of more false criminal charges while letting REAL criminals roam around and multiply.
Good morning, FITS and Fancher!


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