President-Elect? The Media Calls Pennsylvania – And The Election – For Joe Biden

Is it over, though?

If you believe the current vote counts (and the mainstream media outlets amplifying them), America has a new president-elect. Joe Biden captured the White House from U.S. president Donald Trump on Saturday morning, according to these election calls.

At around 11:25 a.m. EST on November 7, 2020 – more than three days after polls closed across the nation – The Associated Press called the critical swing state of Pennsylvania for the 77-year-old career politician. Numerous media outlets – including CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and others – quickly echoed the call.

At around 11:45 a.m. EST, the call was echoed by Fox News – Trump’s erstwhile media outlet of choice.

If accurate, U.S. senator Kamala Harris would become vice president-elect – making her the first woman ever to move to within a “heartbeat” of the presidency.

At the time the race was called, Biden was credited with 3,345,906 votes in the Keystone State (49.7 percent of ballots currently counted) compared to 3,311,448 (49.2 percent) for Trump.

That’s an advantage of 34,458 votes … or just enough to avoid a recount, according to state law.

Vote totals remain a moving target, however.

If legitimate, a Biden victory in Pennsylvania would give the Democratic presidential nominee a total of 273 electoral votes – three more than he needs to clinch victory.

So … is the race over?

No … not yet.

Biden’s advantage over Trump in Pennsylvania (and for that matter in Georgia and Wisconsin) is wafer thin – meaning there could still be recounts in these (and potentially other) swing states. Also, Trump and his allies have alleged all manner of voter fraud across the nation – focusing in particular on Democratic strongholds in Atlanta, Detroit and Philadelphia.

Numerous lawsuits have been filed in connection with these claims, too.

Are these allegations legitimate? We don’t know … but fairness dictates they be heard.

Still, Trump’s path to victory – which appeared to be wide open on election night as early counts showed him winning most of the swing states he narrowly carried in 2016 – is dwindling by the hour.

As are his allies …

As we we noted earlier this week, Republicans eager to begin the post-Trump era are aggressively jockeying for position as his electoral prospects dim.

Meanwhile, the rampant censorship that took hold in the weeks leading up to this month’s vote has become more brazen than ever …

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(Via: Twitter)

To be clear: This news outlet is not making apologies for Trump.

We did not endorse him in 2020 (owing to his repeated fiscal failures in office), and we believe he is ill-suited for the coming constitutional drama.

Still, the issue confronting us has nothing to do with Trump – or Biden, for that matter. It is simply a question of verifying the integrity of our electoral process.

If ballots were cast illegally, they cannot be allowed to count. However, Trump and his team need to make a compelling case to the American people in support of their allegations.

And a key part of that compelling case is proof that the alleged fraud outstripped the margins …

As we have said from the very beginning of this process, “the ballot is a sacred thing – which is why every legally cast vote must be fought for tooth and nail.”

“To disenfranchise an American – any American – in any election is a travesty. A stain on democracy,” we added. “Voter fraud is a stain on democracy, too, though – as fraudulent votes have the practical effect of disenfranchisement.”




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