The Decline Of Western Civilization As We Know It: St. Matthews SC Post Office Edition

“Miss delivered mail …”

Over the weekend, our news outlet ran a post entitled “The Decline Of Western Civilization As We Know It: Orangeburg, SC Bojangles Edition.”

The post got a lot of traffic, and has prompted some submissions from our non-grammatically challenged readers.

One such submission? A sign for “Miss Delivered Mail” at the U.S. Post Office in rural St. Matthews, South Carolina.

(Click to view)

(Via: Provided)

To be fair, “misdelivered” is not the easiest word to get right. Seriously, to hyphenate? Or not to hyphenate?

We actually had to look that one up … (you don’t hyphenate, by the way).

But “Miss Delivered?” Two words? Score yet another one for South Carolina’s worst-in-the-nation government-run schools, people.

Our source for the photograph chose to remain anonymous, citing the Latin phrase esse quam videri – “to be, rather than to seem.” Or perhaps they meant esse non videri, “to be, not to seem.”

Either way, pretty cool …

As noted in our last post, in general relativity the “event horizon” is a boundary in spacetime beyond which an object is unable to escape the gravitational pull of a larger object (or a black hole). It is, literally, the “point of no return.”

As the United States continues clumsily navigating a steepening downslope on the wrong side of history, where is our nation’s event horizon?

Check your rearview mirrors people … while you await your “Miss Delivered Mail.”




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