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Thomas Ravenel Is Loving Life




Earlier this week, reporter Amy Feinstein of The Inquisitr broke the news that producers of Bravo TV’s hit reality television show, Southern Charm, were allegedly faking an on-screen romance between ex-politician Thomas Ravenel and one of his cast mates.

Stop the presses, right?  Reality television isn’t real?  The swirling emotions and ensuing jealousies we see on-screen aren’t legit? 

Who knew!

Anyway, that’s not exactly a “spoiler alert,” is it?

No, it isn’t … but Feinstein did provide an update on the 54-year-old playboy’s real-life love life, specifically a budding relationship with a blonde bombshell named Ashley Jacobs.

“Though Southern Charm fans don’t know much about Ashley Jacobs yet, here is what the timeline and social media reveal. Ashley Jacobs is from Santa Barbara, California … where she lives and works as a registered nurse (she is a graduate of Santa Barbara High School),” Feinstein reported.

She even included several images of Jacobs – who we’ve confirmed is an end-of-life hospice nurse – and Ravenel posted to the former’s Instagram page.

In my mind I’m goin’ to Carolina???

A post shared by Ashley Jacobs (@ashleyhjacobs) on

So … are the rumors true?  Does Ravenel have a new woman in his life?

Yes, he does …

In fact, earlier this week we obtained some exclusive pictures of Ravenel and his new girlfriend enjoying each other’s company in the South Carolina Lowcountry …

(Click to view)

(Pics: Provided)

According to Ravenel, Jacobs has a “huge heart, (is) smart and beautiful – the complete package.”

Good for him.  We’ve sparred with Ravenel upon occasion (and probably will again in the future), but we have no ill will toward him and wish him every happiness – in life, love and business.

As for politics?  Eh … 

Anyway, it’s been a tumultuous few years for the real estate developer, whose combustible relationship with Southern Charm co-star Kathryn Dennis has produced a seemingly bottomless reservoir of drama.

That relationship has also produced some legal drama, as the two stars are soon likely to battle it out in court over the custody of their two children – three-year-old Kensington Calhoun Ravenel and seventeen-month-old St. Julien Rembert Ravenel (a.k.a. “Saint”).

Just this week Dennis – who spent some time in rehab last year for drug issues – announced she had passed several recent court-ordered drug tests in connection with this case.  Sources close to Ravenel disputed those claims, however.

Stay tuned … when it comes to Ravenel and Dennis, it’s a safe bet that the next real life drama is never far off (nor in need of Hollywood scripting).

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