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Walt Wilkins: Staying Put (For Now)



S.C. thirteenth circuit solicitor Walt Wilkins stirred the pot in Greenville, S.C. this week when he informed staffers and other supporters of a looming announcement regarding his political future.

According to our sources, Wilkins’ big news isn’t all that big – he is merely announcing his intention to run for another term as solicitor, we’re told.

That’s a surprise …

Given the deepening scandals enveloping S.C. attorney general Alan Wilson (and his political Svengali, Richard Quinn), we thought for sure Wilkins was getting ready to announce a run for attorney general.  Or perhaps even governor (Henry McMaster is another Quinn client who is currently feeling the burn from the scandals).

Apparently Wilkins isn’t pulling the trigger on either statewide campaign … at least not yet.

“(He) still might (seek higher office),” a source familiar with the situation told us, adding there was a “long time (left) before he has to make that call definitively.”

Wilkins is the nephew of fiscally liberal former S.C. House Speaker David Wilkins – and is frequently touted as a possible statewide candidate in the stable of establishment lobbyist/ consultant Warren Tompkins.

Our view on him?  Eh … it’s not favorable.

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