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Grahamnesty Is Back!




Uber-liberal U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina will join with Democrats (again) in an effort to extend U.S. president Barack Obama‘s amnesty program for illegal aliens.

“Grahamnesty 2.0” will be filed when the U.S. Congress reconvenes in January.  It would effect approximately 740,000 undocumented aliens – preventing them from being deported and providing them with work visas.

Not surprisingly, Graham’s efforts were poorly received by South Carolina Republicans.

“That f*cker,” one GOP consultant told us derisively, hinting that Graham’s latest amnesty push could revive a push for recall elections in the Palmetto State.

“We cannot be stuck with this man for another four years,” the consultant said.

So far Graham’s proposed bill has drawn only one Republican supporter – liberal U.S. Senator Jeff Flake (who is facing a tough reelection fight in Arizona).  Flake is opposed by Arizona treasurer Jeff DeWit – who led U.S. president-elect Donald Trump‘s campaign in the Grand Canyon State.

During the 2016 campaign, Trump vowed to rescind all of Obama’s controversial executive orders on immigration.  We supported him in those efforts … and will continue to do so.

Meanwhile we oppose Graham’s latest efforts to extend Obama’s failed “open borders” ideology – which has truly jumped the shark in recent years.

As noted on many prior occasions, this website has never breathed fire on the immigration issue – although we have consistently called for government to appropriate more resources to border security.

“Why not stop subsidizing millions of things government shouldn’t be doing and start spending tax dollars on one of the handful of things it should do?” we wrote recently.

We have also consistently called for the elimination of taxpayer benefits for illegals – as well as automatic deportation for violent criminal aliens.

“Those who enter the United States illegally should automatically forfeit their right to American citizenship and taxpayer-funded benefits of any kind,” we wrote in July 2014.  “And illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes should be deported immediately.”

That not racist … it’s common sense.

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