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Lindsey Graham: Barack Obama’s “Best GOP Ally”




For years this website has been exposing how U.S Senator Lindsey Graham operates in Washington, D.C.  Of course Graham’s status quo machinations have become far less subtle in the months following his spectacularly failed presidential candidacy.

Anyway, apparently we’re not the only ones who see Graham for exactly what he is …

All along the political spectrum there is now general acknowledgment of his true ideological orientation …

According to one of the emails obtained by Wikileaks from the account of John Podesta (current campaign manager to Hillary Clinton and former counselor to Barack Obama) Graham is the liberals “best ally” in the U.S. Senate.

Democratic strategist Paul Harstad penned those precise words in an email to Podesta in June of 2014 – urging him to set up a call between Obama and Graham in the aftermath of his victory in a GOP primary election in South Carolina.

“I presume it has occurred to you all, but I would urge the POTUS to discreetly talk with Lindsay Graham [sic] in the next few days to congratulate him on his impressive primary win,” Harstad wrote in his email.  “He perhaps shouldn’t directly put a call into Graham – which would probably get out – but perhaps pass the word to invite Graham to call him.  Graham is the best future Republican ally of the administration for the next two years, and in a close Senate may provide a critical vote on a number of occasions.”

Boy, was that ever true …


Obviously Graham’s 2014 primary win wasn’t all that impressive.  He faced no credible challenger and virtually no one bothered to show up and vote for him.

That’s unlikely to be the case in 2020 …

More to the point, though, when has Graham not been the liberals “best Republican ally” in Washington D.C.?

In 2009, Graham was the only GOP member of the entire U.S. Congress to endorse Obama’s proposed energy tax hike.  When he started taking heat for it back home, far left groups with ties to liberal financier George Soros created a front group to prop him up (albeit clumsily).

Now Graham is among the leaders of the GOP #NeverTrump movement – an effort to sabotage the candidacy of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

In between these bookends?  He funded Obamacare, backed additional tax hikes, praised the NSA for spying on its people and embraced amnesty for illegal aliens.

All while trying to start wars all over the planet … 

And to think … this is the same guy who claimed Trump wasn’t “a reliable Republican conservative.”

Graham better thank his lucky stars South Carolina doesn’t have recall elections.  Otherwise, he’d be gone.

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