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SC Government School Suspends Kids For “Happy Crack”




Nine students at government-run Eagles Nest Elementary School in Dorchester County, S.C. were suspended last week for possession of “happy crack.”

Wait … what?

For those of you unhip to the lingo, “happy crack” is a mixture of Kool-Aid and sugar.

That’s right … this North Charleston, S.C. school is suspending nine children for (gasp!) bringing sugar on campus.

District officials cited their student handbook (.pdf) as justification for taking this disciplinary action.

“No student will market or distribute any substance which is represented to be or is substantial similar in color, shape, size or markings of a controlled substance,” the handbook stated.  “Look-alike substance or substances that mimic the effect of drugs will be treated as illegal substances.”

Hold up … mimic the effect of drugs?

Originally the nine students were going to be expelled, but district officials reconsidered that drastic decision and chose instead to suspend them for five days.  The students have also been placed on probation.

According to our sources, the majority of the students suspended in connection with this “Happy Crack” crackdown were … wait for it … black.  Yeah … apparently the district didn’t think it had handled this situation with sufficient tone-deafness.

One of the students, Tony McGill, recently made the school’s honor roll.

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Families of the suspended students were livid – especially after they were curtly informed by district officials that their elementary-aged children had violated the school’s “drugs and alcohol” policy.

No mention was made that the children’s “drug of choice” was sugar.

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According to our sources, these parents have joined forces and retained legal representation in anticipation of filing a lawsuit against the district.

Good for them …

One of the more compelling arguments we’ve heard in connection with this likely litigation?  That the school is attempting to ban a substance (sugar) it offers for sale in its own cafeterias.

According to our sources, Dorchester County’s government-run schools already sell pixie sticks to children in their cafeterias – meaning the school could be trying to, you know, keep anybody from encroaching on its turf.

Sheesh …

Stay tuned.  We expect to have updates on this story in the coming days.

UPDATE: The latest …

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