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SC Appeals Court Sets “Doggy Deadline” For Todd Kincannon




The S.C. Court of Appeals has set an October 3 deadline for former S.C. “Republican” party official and social media provocateur Todd Kincannon to return the dog he allegedly stole from his estranged wife Ashely Griffith back in May.

Will he comply with the order?  Who knows …

Obviously this isn’t the first “doggy deadline” Kincannon has been presented with as it relates to this case.  Three months ago, a family court judge in Lexington, S.C. ordered him to return “Noodle” – a six-year-old male golden retriever – to Griffith on July 2.  He failed to comply with that order.  In fact, neither Kincannon nor the dog have been seen in public in the months since this drama began.  Also, his formerly rapid-fire Twitter account has been silent since June 30.

On September 9, the S.C. Court of Appeals ruled in Griffith’s favor – ordering Kincannon to return the dog to its rightful owner.  A follow-up petition by Kincannon was denied this week, which means he must “return Noodle to (Griffith) Monday, October 3, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. at the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department,” according to the state’s second-highest court.

Sources tell us Kincannon – the self-described “Honey Badger of American Politics” – has been bombarding the state’s judiciary branch with filings related to this case.  In addition to appealing the “canine custody” rulings, he has reportedly sued Griffith for “emotional damages” related to the dog – claiming she’s the one who stole the animal from him when they separated last August.

Griffith owned Noodle for three years prior to marrying Kincannon in 2013, however he claims in court pleadings that Griffith said he could keep the dog in the event the couple ever split up.

At the time the animal was allegedly abducted, Kincannon’s mother – Roxie Kincannon – allegedly made the animal’s safe return to Griffith contingent upon her agreeing to share custody of the animal, which she has refused to do.

Kincannon’s license to practice law in South Carolina was suspended last August, but he is obviously still permitted to represent himself in legal matters.  In addition to his dog-napping drama, the 35-year-old attorney is also facing criminal domestic violence charges in the aftermath of this bizarre incident last spring.

Stay tuned … given Kincannon’s recent volatility, there’s no way to know how this case is going to end.

Except it doesn’t seem likely to end well …

UPDATE: S.C. Appeals Court’s “doggy deadline” came and went with no sign of either Kincannon or the missing pooch.

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