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Todd Kincannon: At It Again




Former South Carolina “Republican” party official and social media firebrand Todd Kincannon is at it again …

The self-described “Honey Badger of American Politics” – whose incendiary tweets have inflamed liberals across America for years – is currently being sought by police in South Carolina in connection with an alleged dog-napping.

That’s right … dog-napping.

According to documents obtained by FITS, Kincannon was ordered by S.C. family court judge Robert E. Newton to hand over “Noodle” – a six-year-old male golden retriever that belongs to his estranged wife, Ashely Griffith.

Kincannon is accused of abducting the dog in early May – refusing to return him to Griffith after she permitted Kincannon and his family to keep the animal one weekend while she was out of town.

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“(Kincannon) will arrange to have the dog at the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department (LCSD) at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 2, 2016 for retrieval by (Griffith) or her designee,” Newton’s order stated.

Kincannon failed to return the pooch at the assigned hour, though, prompting police to pay a visit to the Simpsonville, S.C. home (where he lives with his parents) in an attempt to return the animal to its rightful owner.

Witnesses say Kincannon’s mother, Roxie Kincannon, met officers at the home and informed them that her son had departed with “Noodle” the previous evening to whereabouts unbeknownst to either her or her husband.

Griffith says she obtained the dog in October 2009 when he was still a puppy – three years before she and Kincannon were married (and nearly two years before they had even met).

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In a lengthy legal filing submitted earlier this year, though, Kincannon insisted the dog is “property of both the Wife and Husband and that their interests are undivided and equal in every way.”  Accordingly, he and Griffith were to share “joint custody” of the dog.

Kincannon also attempted to separate his canine custody agreement from the couple’s ongoing divorce proceedings.

“This stipulation shall survive this litigation and is an agreement independent of this litigation and shall govern the Wife and Husband with regard to Noodle’s care for so long as he lives,” Kincannon wrote in his filing, adding that any violations of the agreement would result in “contempt of court or a breach of contract action” as well as the awarding of “money damages for emotional harm and pain and suffering associated with the absence of Noodle.”

Sheesh …

Believe it or not, it gets even crazier.

According to Griffith, affixing her signature to Kincannon’s “stipulation” was the only way he would ever return her dog to her.  In fact, a text message sent to Griffith from Roxie Kincannon back in May when the former attempted to “retrieve her retriever” seems to confirm that belief …

kincannon text

“As soon as there is something confirming you won’t cut off access I’m to take (the dog) to you,” Roxie Kincannon wrote in the message to Griffith.

FITS attempted to reach Todd Kincannon on his cell phone – but the number was disconnected.  A message sent to his Twitter page was not immediately returned.

Last year Kincannon was in the midst of some serious legal and personal drama – and let’s not forget he still has charges pending from a domestic violence arrest last spring.

After a lengthy hiatus, Kincannon reemerged earlier this year on Twitter – and has been posting feverishly ever since.

We’ll be sure to let our readers know in the event he decides to address this situation …