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2016 Hot Lawyer Competition: Now Accepting Nominations




Back in January, we promised a reprise of our famous “Hot Lawyer Competition” in 2016.  And today we’re making good on that promise.

To be fair, though, Charleston, S.C. bankruptcy attorney Heather Bailey may have shut down this whole experiment before we even had a chance to get things off the ground.

Seriously, take a look …

(Click to enlarge)





(Pics provided)

Yeah.  No joke.

Clearly this year’s “bar” (sorry, bad lawyer pun) has been set astronomically high.  So please, don’t bother submitting your “office hot” girlfriend (or boyfriend) for consideration – or pulling up some random football tailgating group shot from Facebook and making us “hunt for the sexy.”

It’s not that kind of year …

As we mentioned above, though, this year’s “hot lawyers list” will feature a mix of both women and men … so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for good looking men we can add to our list.

(Bakari Sellers of Strom Law, maybe?  Mullins McLeod of Charleston?  Or perhaps our favorite advertiser here on the website, David Aylor?)

That’s right … homegirls get to submit their favorites this year, too!

In years past this was a pure contest … one in which readers submitted nominations of attractive female attorneys and then (after a bit of culling on our part) voted on them.

Winners were eventually announced – and one exceedingly gorgeous “hot lawyer” actually did a photo shoot with us.

The best part?  Over the years our contest has royally pissed off some of the people whose names were submitted!

This year, the rules are simple: There are no rules.

If you’ve got hot lawyers (men or women) you wish for us to consider including on our list, send us their names along with a picture and/ or website link.

Feel free to submit multiple names, too … as we will rely on the frequency of submissions to help us get a sense of which attorneys our readers find most attractive.

Is this competition grossly objectifying?  Completely immature?  Wildly inappropriate?  Of course!  Which is why it is always among our best-read features.

Let the submissions begin … now.

UPDATE: Don’t forget you can submit via Twitter, too .. #FITSHotLawyer. Like this …

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