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Rick Manning: “Alt-Right” Isn’t Hillary Clinton’s Problem




rick manning|| By RICK MANNING || In a flashback to her claims that the constant bimbo eruptions which plagued her husband’s presidency were the result of a “vast right wing conspiracy” Hillary Clinton went total tin-foil hat Thursday in her paranoia laced speech about the alt-right.

As someone involved in the so-called conservative movement, let me assure Mrs. Clinton that in reality, there is no such thing.  Unlike the Soros network where there is a central hub driving narratives through various channels, conservative groups couldn’t coordinate a Sunday picnic.

No, Hillary’s problem is that she sold access to the Secretary of State using the Clinton Foundation as the conduit.

Hillary’s problem is that she put America’s national security at risk through her email server with multiple classified documents left unsecured.  There are many who believe that the recent hanging of an Iranian nuclear scientist as a spy was the direct result of her cavalier handling of America’s secrets.

Hillary’s problem is that every time she claims that Donald Trump can’t be trusted, every thinking American remembers the four men she abandoned in Benghazi and the political lie she told to cover up al-Qaeda’s responsibility.

And Hillary’s problem is that she symbolizes everything that is wrong with our political system between providing access for favors, venal attacks on those you perceive as your enemies, and worst of all, policies that continue growing government at a time when Americans are tired of being left behind while the corporate cronies and elites prosper.

Hillary has a “Hillary problem.” And this old dog has not learned any new tricks. When she gets trapped she lashes out with the same tired B.S. that worked more than two decades ago in the hopes that a new generation will eat it up.

Unfortunately for Hillary, America has grown up since she played a headband wearing Tammy Wynette in 1992, and rode that victimhood to popularity.

America now knows that it was Hillary who went after Bill’s sexual abuse victims with the vicious precision of a seasoned hit woman.  Rather than working as a champion for women, Hillary’s career has been one of shaming, blaming and defaming her husband’s victims.

America knows who and what Hillary Clinton is, and her only political chance is to fool voters one more time by creating a KKK boogie man out of a few cranks she dredged up.  Meanwhile, she’s attempting the old magic trick of distracting the people from the real threat she would continue to create as she lets tens of thousands of poorly and hurriedly vetted Muslims from Middle Eastern terrorism breeding grounds into the country many of them see as the Great Satan.

Hillary’s desperate, retreaded vast right wing conspiracy speech Thursday smells like month old left overs, and her only hope is that her moldy fare distracts people from the corruption that undergirds everything she does and the danger that her presidency represents.

As Roger Daltry once famously sang, “We won’t be fooled again.”

Rick Manning is president of Americans for Limited Government.  Follow him on Twitter@RManning957.  This excerpt (reprinted with permission) originally appeared on Fox News.