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That Government-Led KKK Group Is Back …




We’re not in the business of giving the Ku Klux Klan advice …

Editorially, our position regarding the organization is the same as our position regarding the #BlackLivesMatter movement: Jump off a bridge, already.

Racial agitation of any sort is pointless, in our estimation … but it’s especially pointless considering the roots of the KKK organization currently blanketing the Palmetto State with its propaganda.

Anyway, we’ll get to our advice in just a second.  First, the story …

“Recruiting fliers for the Ku Klux Klan were thrown around some neighborhoods in Goose Creek over the weekend,” Dave Munday of The (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier reported.

Police were called to investigate these handbills, but according to Munday “the search for those responsible … has been suspended, and the case will remain closed unless there are leads.”

Guess what … we’ve got a “lead” for the cops.

As we reported months ago, this is the same North Carolina-based Klan outfit that organized a State House rally last summer.  It’s also the same group that was discovered passed out similar mailings in the Midlands region of the state a little over a month ago.

And yes … it’s the same group that’s run by a government informant.

In other words, the cops in Goose Creek should consider looking to the J. Edgar Hoover building in Washington, D.C. for the source of this nonsense.

As for the Klan itself?  After jumping off a bridge, its members should consider electing themselves a new leader … otherwise this strikes us as nothing but more “false flag” fear-mongering.