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Liberal SC Blog Blasts Nikki Haley’s “Dark Money” Movement




If you thought this website stood alone among new media outlets in the Palmetto State, you’d be wrong … and that’s a good thing. The more voices in this marketplace the better. And the better those voices … the more we will be challenged in what we do.

Anyway, one of the new media outlets occupying the far left fringe of the Palmetto marketplace of ideas is Statehouse Report – which is published by longtime Democratic operative Andy Brack.  We agree with Brack on very little, but he’s a great writer – and often produces some compelling commentary.

His latest piece?  A look at efforts by S.C. governor Nikki Haley and various “conservative” groups to take over the S.C. Senate.

“According to sources, Senate moderates targeted by an under-the-radar, cash-laden campaign include high-profile GOP players such as Senate President Pro Tem and Finance Chair Hugh Leatherman of Florence, Judiciary Chair Larry Martin of Pickens, Banking and Insurance Chair Wes Hayes of Rock Hill, Ethics Chair Luke Rankin of Conway and veteran Paul Campbell of Goose Creek,” Brack reported.

And who is behind this “under-the-radar, cash-laden” campaign?  Well, we’ve obviously written on some of them ourselves, but Brack has his own cast of characters.

“Haley, through her longtime strategist Tim Pearson, recently formed A Great Day SC PAC, a 527 political organization that allows it to raise unrestricted, or dark, money,” Brack reported.  “Another political action committee, The Movement Fund, with pro-Haley ties reportedly raised $1.8 million from 2011 to 2014 to help the governor’s preferred candidates. Other nationally organizations walking in lock step here to reshape the Senate include the Club for Growth and Americans for Prosperity, both of which have strong ties to out-of-state money pools offered by wealthy activists, such as the billionaire Koch brothers.”

Well, well …

Brack neglected to mention one other connection.  Sources tell us Pearson and another Haley loyalist – Katherine Veldran – have been especially chummy of late with politicians linked to the neo-Confederate empire of Richard Quinn and Associates.

Like … especially chummy.

Big money, people … placing big bets.

All that cash flowing into all those groups is kind of funny when you consider it took just one Senator – Tom Davis of Beaufort – to shut down a gas tax increase in the chamber two years running.  Also, Davis now has enlisted the help of GOP majority leader Harvey Peeler in helping shut down the fiscally reckless machinations of liberal S.C. Senate president Hugh Leatherman.

Frankly, we kind of like the way things are trending in the Senate at the moment … although that’s not to say we wouldn’t relish removing a few of its left-leaning members (including Leatherman).

Here’s the thing, though: Assuming a bunch of Nikki Haley puppets are going to vote better on bread-and-butter fiscal issues than the current crop of fiscal liberals is delusional.  How do we know?  Because it’s a matter of factual record.

Nonetheless, they’ve got the liberals fooled …

“A purge of Senate GOP moderates would be a victory for the dream of those who want state government to be so small that it drowns in a bathtub,” Brack wrote.


Haley made it abundantly clear throughout the 2016 national election cycle that she’s nothing but a big government establishment “Republican.”  In other words she and her special interest masters may be talking a good game, but at the end of the day they’re no better than the bought-and-paid-for whores they are clamoring to replace.