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Richard Quinn: MLK Day Flashback




We chose to address Martin Luther King, Jr. day this year by examining the failed record of U.S. president Barack Obama when it comes to realizing King’s “dream.”

But while we reject those who attempt to implement King’s dream via government-imposed outcomes (which has never worked and will never work), we’ve never opposed King’s dream per se.  In fact we’ve written frequently in support of its stated goal of expanded individual liberty and economic prosperity.

“There is simply no disputing the necessity – and moral correctness – of the movement King led in the 1960s,” we wrote last year.

Obviously others hold different views …

In his writings for Southern Partisan, veteran South Carolina neo-Confederate consultant Richard Quinn Sr. wrote that King’s holiday “should have been rejected because its purpose is vitriolic and profane.”

Quinn argued that “King’s memory represents, more than anything else, the idea that institutional arrangement – laws, ordinances and tradition – should be subordinated to the individual’s conscience.”

“The brand of civil disobedience he preached (and for which he is remembered) exhorts his followers to regard social reform as a process to be carried out in the streets,” Quinn added.

“Ignoring the real heroes in our nation’s life, the blacks have chosen a man who represents not their emancipation, not their sacrifices and bravery in service to their country; rather, they have chosen a man whose role in history was to lead his people into a perpetual dependence on the welfare state, a terrible bondage of body and soul,” he wrote.

Hmmmm …

Of course now that Quinn has become reliant on the black “leaders” who run the central region South Carolina – the base of his increasingly left-leaning political power – Quinn has changed his tune.

“By today’s standard (King) was a moderate … I admire him,” Quinn told BuzzFeed last spring.

Intersting … from vitriol to admiration.

Also of interest?  Two of Quinn’s top clients in the Palmetto State – S.C. lieutenant governor Henry McMaster and S.C. Senator John Courson – have both been embroiled in scandal related to their membership in a “whites only” country club in Columbia, S.C.

We wonder, do they “admire” King, too?