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Will Folks (Non) Comment On Nikki Haley’s National Ascension




The selection of S.C. governor Nikki Haley to deliver the “Republican” response to U.S. president Barack Obama‘s 2016 “State of the Union” address has generated a lot of discussion regarding Haley’s national ambitions.

It’s also generated plenty of talk about her current job performance (or lack thereof).

Finally, it’s generated a ton of calls from national media outlets to the founding editor of this website, Will Folks.  Specifically, these national reporters (and a few editors) are asking about his 2007 affair with Haley – which first became public knowledge during the 2010 gubernatorial race.

This drama has already flared up once on the national level in recent months … and Haley’s prime time address has once again revived the chatter.

So … what do we make of it?

First of all, Folks isn’t commenting on it: He’s simply referring reporters to three links.

They are ..

1. “Haley Won’t Sign Affidavit” – A recap of the aftermath of the initial affair allegations.

2. “The Nikki Haley Whitewash” – A post chronicling the 2012 ethics “investigation” into Haley.

3. “Haley Vetoes Next-To-Nothing … Again” – A story outlining our real issue with Haley, the fact she isn’t what she claims to be ideologically.

Beyond that, he’s making no comment …

Of interest?  We’re told the real problem with Haley’s national ambitions has nothing to do with sex, ethical lapses or ideology – and everything to do with her ongoing proximity to the “family business.”  Specifically, some questionable property records.

In fact we’re told several national reporters are already delving into the various financial irregularities in Haley’s background – irregularities which should pretty quickly lead them to the heart of the matter.