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Lindsey Graham Drops Out




We were a couple weeks late on the timing of the announcement, but U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has finally bowed to the inevitable and dropped out of the 2016 “Republican” presidential primary race.

Among his reasons for abandoning his bid?  A total lack of support in his own state, where he wasn’t even strong enough to play the role of spoiler.

“If I can’t win in my state, I can’t win outside of my state,” Graham told CNN.

Um, duh.

At the time of his decision to pull out of the race, Graham was polling at 1.7 percent in early-voting South Carolina … down from a peak of 15 percent in mid-April.  That’s according to aggregate polling data from Real Clear Politics.

The bad news?  This fool still has five years left on his U.S. Senate term …

While Graham’s announcement is likely to receive little more than a yawn nationally, it does mean establishment “Republicans” in South Carolina are now free to endorse other candidates.

In fact the SCGOP put out a fawning statement in the aftermath of Graham’s withdrawal.

“Senator Graham has an incredibly strong and loyal grassroots network in South Carolina,” SCGOP chairman Matt Moore said. “Given Senator Graham’s huge primary victory in South Carolina just last year, the Graham network could have a major impact on South Carolina’s presidential primary.”

Seriously?  Graham won an election last year because no one credible ran against him … and because no one showed up to vote.