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South Carolina “Republicans” Want Lindsey Graham To Drop Out




|| By FITSNEWS || Dozens of South Carolina “Republican” operatives want U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham to drop out of the 2016 presidential race … although none of them will go on the record for fear of reprisals from the veteran Washington, D.C. insider.

According to the latest national polling, Graham’s long shot presidential bid is drawing less than one percent support.  In fact he’s drawing less than five percent support in his home state, according to the latest “First in the South” presidential polling.

That puts Graham in seventh place in his own backyard – basically a non-factor in his own state.

Given this abysmal showing, multiple South Carolina operatives are wishing Graham would throw in the towel – or at the very least stop pressuring them to hold off on making “other plans.”  But with more than five years remaining on his latest U.S. Senate term, none of them are saying it to his face – as Graham still has the ability to make their lives miserable if they publicly oppose him.

But is there a point to Graham’s ongoing candidacy?

“He got in to be the Rand Paul stalking horse, and Rand Paul has imploded,” one veteran Palmetto politico told us. “That means his usefulness in the campaign is effectively over.”

Another veteran South Carolina operative told us “Graham is beginning to upset a lot of people by staying in the race,” adding that his candidacy has become “embarrassing.”

“If he stays in through the (First in the South) primary you could see that anger start to boil over,” the operative told us.

Both of these individuals are establishment “Republicans” – longtime supporters of Graham who back his interventionist foreign policy (among other braindead views).

In other words they’re not Tea Party types – who have always loathed Graham.

What’s motivating their anger?  Easy: The artificial ceiling Graham’s candidacy is placing on the upwardly mobility of South Carolina elected officials and operatives eager to hitch their stars to legitimate campaigns.

“He is certainly costing some people shots at ambassadorships or high level positions,” another source told us, referring to coveted positions which go to early supporters of presidential candidates.

Basically the longer Graham stays in the race, the longer certain elected officials must wait to endorse viable candidates … thus decreasing the likelihood they would receive top posts in their administrations, should they win the nomination.

Make sense?

As frustrating as the “Graham ceiling” may be, though, don’t expect any of these establishment activists, operatives or elected officials who whispered their frustration to us to come out and publicly call on Graham to exit the race.

Even though it’s abundantly clear at this point he should …