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Lindsey Graham’s Self-Inflicted National Humiliation Is Almost Over




U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham met with key staffers on his presidential campaign this week and told them he no longer has the resources to continue paying them, multiple sources in the liberal warmonger’s obit … errr, orbit told us.

These same sources told us Graham could announce the official suspension of his 2016 bid as early as this week.

To say Graham’s presidential aspirations never took flight would be a colossal understatement.  He’s been polling at or near zero percent in national polls for months – and last month he failed to make the cut for the second tier “Republican” debate (a.k.a. the “kiddie table”).

Graham has also failed to earn the support of his own constituents, averaging an anemic two percent in South Carolina according to the latest aggregate polling data from Real Clear Politics.

Weak …

Yet what Graham lacks in popular support in the Palmetto State, he commands in institutional obedience – as evidenced by the dozens of South Carolina politicos who have refrained from jumping into the presidential fray for fear of reprisals from the notoriously thin-skinned politician (who has five years left on his U.S. Senate term).

The moment he drops out, we expect a flood of South Carolina endorsements to be announced … most of them likely to accrue to the benefit of the Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio campaigns.

What’s next for Graham?

Well, his long-term goal of positioning himself as a viable candidate for Secretary of Defense in a GOP administration (let’s be honest, he was never really running for president) certainly appears to have taken a substantial hit.

Which is a good thing in light of the failure of his “invade everybody” foreign policy and the less-than-savory “allies” he has engaged in America’s failed War on Terror.