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Intelligence Report: ISIS “Not Contained”




We have consistently argued the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) owes its existence (and much of its weaponry) to America’s failed policy of interventionism in the Middle East.

It is a creature of our own making, in other words.

To recap: America just led a fifteen year “War on Terror” against al-Qaeda – the last terrorist bogeyman.  That conflict cost nearly 8,000 American lives and more than $4 trillion – and its lone “accomplishment” has been the creation of a larger, angrier enemy (one that we now must wage a thirty-year war in order to defeat).

Yeah …

Anybody care to guess how the “War on Terror II” is going to turn out? 

Speaking of … what’s the latest on that front?

According to a new story from Kimberly Dozier of The Daily Beast – we learn that intelligence officials recently provided the administration of Barack Obama with a dire report indicating that ISIS was not only far from contained, but “will spread worldwide and grow in numbers” unless it suffers a substantial loss in territory sooner rather than later.

“The report stands in stark contrast to earlier White House assurances that ISIS had been ‘contained’ in Iraq and Syria. And it is already spurring changes in how the U.S. grapples with ISIS, these officials said,” Dozier reported. “It’s also a tacit admission that coalition efforts so far – dropping thousands of bombs and deploying 3,500 U.S. troops as well as other coalition trainers – have been outpaced by ISIS’s ability to expand and attract new followers, even as the yearlong coalition air campaign has helped local forces drive ISIS out of parts of Iraq and Syria.”

In other words, we’re still losing this war.

One day before the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Obama declared that ISIS had been “contained” – an assessment that has been widely mocked by his critics (and is now being directly refuted by the experts).

So … what should America do with this new information?

Easy: “Hit reset.”

Our government doesn’t have the money to subsidize another Middle Eastern invasion.  Additionally, we don’t have the money to continue providing security to our “allies” in the region.  And even if we did, by now it should be abundantly clear to policymakers that such interventions only spur the growth of radical Islam as opposed to curtailing it.

“ISIS is playing the game with the simple objective of killing everyone who isn’t a Muslim,” we wrote last month.  “And the only way to fight an enemy like that is to offer them the same choice.  Stop the violence – or be consumed by it.”


“Weapons unused are useless weapons …” or so said the angry general in Spies Like Us.  Well, we believe it’s time to start using our weapons indiscriminately (even on our “partners in peace,” if necessary).

That’s the only language these people will understand.

Instead, our nation’s leaders seem intent on pursuing the same strategy that led us into this mess in the first place …