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Jeb Bush’s “Homeland Security”




This website has made its contempt for U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida abundantly clear.  We don’t like him – a conclusion we reached long before he became the last, best hope of the “Republican” establishment in the 2016 presidential race.

But while we oppose Rubio on principle, we are also less-than-enthralled with his fellow Floridian (and former mentor) Jeb Bush.  Indeed Bush’s botched bid to take out Rubio reeks of the sort of desperation we’ve come to expect from the GOP establishment.

And like Rubio, Bush is terrible on the issues … well, with one notable exception.

Anyway, the increasingly testy status quo battle between Bush and Rubio is the subject of an expansive book excerpt released this week by reporter McKay Coppins of BuzzFeed.

According to Coppins, Bush has been aggressively attempting to take Rubio out for months – mounting a ferocious whisper campaign aimed at neutralizing his financial support and alerting reporters to alleged skeletons in his closet.

The code name of this alleged “Kill Rubio” operation?  “Homeland Security.”

(And yes, given Bush’s pre-9/11 record that’s more than a little inappropriately ironic).

Hold up … isn’t Bush supposed to be the good guy?  The “ideas candidate?”

Yes, but …

“Beneath the glossy exterior of his public profile – that of the compassionate conservative, the happy warrior, the good-natured reformer – Jeb possessed a hard-edged, often ruthless political style that ran through his entire rise and reign in the Sunshine State,” Coppins wrote.

Now Bush’s ruthlessness is being unleashed on Rubio on multiple fronts. Not only is there the long-running whisper campaign, but earlier this month came an overt threat from the Right to Rise PAC (which is supporting Bush’s presidential bid) to spend more than $20 million of its war chest blunting Rubio’s recent momentum.

Again, Rubio deserves every bit of the criticism he receives – and we will gleefully amplify any credible criticism (from Bush or any other candidate) that helps knock him down a peg.

Rubio is bad, bad news … when he bothers to show up for work, that is.

But there’s no denying the hatcheting of Rubio is wounding the ax-wielder every bit as much as his intended victim.

In his bid to savage Rubio (and salvage what’s left of his formerly-front-running presidential bid), Bush is transparently revealing himself to be everything he’s been pretending he’s not.