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Democrat Calls On Nikki Haley To Increase Planned Parenthood Security




A Democratic candidate for State Senate in South Carolina is calling on the state’s “conservative” governor, Nikki Haley, to “increase security at women’s health centers in South Carolina” following a deadly shooting at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Colorado.

She’s also challenging Haley to tone down her rhetoric on the issue (which we suppose makes sense seeing as Haley has done nothing but talk on the Planned Parenthood front).

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, our focus right now should be to make sure what happened in Colorado Springs doesn’t happen in Columbia or Charleston,” S.C. Rep. Mia McLeod said. “The anti-Planned Parenthood rhetoric has been more prevalent in South Carolina than anywhere else in the country and Governor Haley would be wise to tone down her own rhetoric and instead beef up security at our clinics. The safety and wellbeing of patients and those who work at women’s health centers in our state should be our top priority.”

Interesting …

We find McLeod’s sudden concern for people’s “safety and wellbeing” to be hypocritically selective.  After all, McLeod made nary a peep when Planned Parenthood’s gruesome fetal body parts scam made national news earlier this year.

Once again, the far left is revealing its most fundamental inconsistency in a cheap effort to generate some headlines.

Just as taxpayer dollars should never be used to subsidize abortion, they should never be used to provide enhanced security at abortion clinics.

Certainly we condemn violence against abortionists and their patients (as should anyone claiming to be “pro-life”), and it goes without saying our cops and courts have an obligation to dutifully investigate and prosecute such crimes.

But McLeod’s call for enhanced security is every bit as ridiculous as her Jim Clyburn-esque suggestion that political rhetoric is somehow to blame for violence against government-subsidized abortion.

“Hateful rhetoric around the country about women’s health centers likely drove this man to commit those heinous acts in Colorado,” McLeod said.  “I’m afraid some of the rhetoric being tossed around by some South Carolina politicians may motivate someone here at home to try the same thing. We can’t take any chances when it comes to the safety of our citizens.”

Jeez …

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Planned Parenthood’s despicable practices deserve every syllable of “hateful” rhetoric they have received.  And then some.  And while we would plead with those who truly support life not to allow the dark urges of violence to consume them (thus making them every bit as hypocritical as McLeod), blaming such reactions on “political rhetoric” is deliberately deceiving.

Simply put, the allegation attempts to excuse the broad, systemic barbarism of Planned Parenthood and shift the inhumane onus of this debate on to a handful of irrational individuals.