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#SCFlood: Dam Owners Were Warned




As we reported exclusively this week, the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) undertook a review and reclassification of dams in the Palmetto State during the tenure of former director Catherine Templeton.

Did it make a difference?

No …

Would it have made a difference?

Probably not …

One thing that might have, though?  A warning issued by SCDHEC on Thursday, October 1 – two days before the brunt of “Floodmaggedon” began pelting South Carolina.

“Owners of reservoirs should take the appropriate steps to safely lower the water level in their reservoir if additional storage for the anticipated rainfall is needed,” the agency’s dam safety administrator warned.

Reiterating forecasts that promised record rainfall, the agency warned dam owners to “be aware of the conditions at their dams during such events.” and to “contact  downstream property owners and local public safety officials” in the event breaches were imminent.

Hmmm …

This website hasn’t had many good things to say about the lack of preparedness/ bungled response demonstrated at the state, county and municipal level in the aftermath of the flood – especially in the Midlands region of South Carolina.

But it looks as though at least one agency knew what it was talking about … and tried to warn of the danger to come.