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List Of SC Dam Failures




A dozen dams in South Carolina have failed in the aftermath of “Floodmaggedon,” prompting hard questions about whether they were ever safe in the first place.  Courtesy of the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC), here is a list of the dams which have been breached …

Lexington County

Dam Name Class* Dam Number Latitude Longitude
Old Mill Pond Dam C1 D0958 33.974641 -81.232641
Gibson’s Pond Dam C2 D0959 33.969067 -81.244925
Barr Lake Dam C2 D1717 33.958512 -81.259604


Richland County

Dam Name(s) Class* Dam Number Latitude Longitude
Cary’s Lake Dam C1 D0026 34.048873 -80.957954
Upper Rocky Creek/ North Lake/Overcreek Rd. C1 D0029 34.040808 -80.951982
Lower Rocky Ford Dam /Rocky Ford Lake C1 D0028 34.036033 -80.952343
Semmes Lake Dam Federal Fort Jackson 34.004763 -80.941769
Beaver Dam/Wildewood Pond #2/Boyd Pond Two (Controlled release) C2 D0567 34.096382 -80.886478
Lake Elizabeth C1 D 0024 34.113028 -80.987693


Lee County

Dam Name Class* Dam Number Latitude Longitude
Clyburn C2 D2412 34.329886 -80.302055


Aiken County

Dam Name Class* Dam Number Latitude Longitude
Corbett Lake C3 D2052 33.648651 -81.211333
SC NONAME 02019 (Bailey Pond) C3 D2034 33.594676 -81.285939


According to the agency, a “C1” designation means the dam was classified as “high hazard” in the aftermath of the agency’s recent review of these structures. Five of the breached dams fell under this classification.

One of the breached dams – the Semmes Lake Dam – was under the purview of the federal government as it is (or was) located on Fort Jackson, a U.S. Army basic training location.