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Rick Perry For President: Not Dead Yet (But Close)




|| By FITSNEWS || Last month we wrote on the impending exit of former Texas governor Rick Perry from the 2016 presidential race … adding our hope was that the crony capitalist “Republican” would drop out sooner rather than later.

A month later Perry – who stopped paying his staff last month – is somehow still campaigning, even though national surveys of GOP primary voters have him polling at 1.3 percent.

Ouch …

After a brief flirtation with frontrunner status, Perry’s 2012 bid flamed out in spectacular fashion.  He vowed to run a smarter campaign this go-round … then didn’t.

The latest news from Perry’s “campaign death watch?”

Courtesy of CNN’s Elizabeth Landers, we learn Perry has shuttered his South Carolina headquarters.

From her report …

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry has shuttered his South Carolina campaign headquarters in the capital city of Columbia, his state chairman Katon Dawson confirmed Tuesday.

This comes almost a month after the Perry campaign announced that it would no longer be paying staff across the country.

Dawson attributes the move out of the building, which he provided for the Perry campaign in his retainer fee, to a “hot new client” that a realtor found for the space.

A “hot new client?”

LOLz …

You gotta admire the sh*t-spinning ability of Dawson, the auto parts salesman turned SCGOP chairman whose claim to fame remains his on-again, off-again membership in a Columbia, S.C. whites-only country club.

We’re sure he’ll land with some other establishment “Republican” candidate (a.k.a. “hot new client”) after he finishes milking Perry for every last dime … again.