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GOP Campaigns Looking To Poach Rand Paul Supporters




|| By FITSNEWS || As the 2016 presidential campaign of U.S. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky continues to un-inspire, representatives of rival “Republican” candidate are targeting his key supporters in early-voting states.

The goal?  Getting them to flip their support …

Sources close to the campaigns of GOP frontrunners Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and Scott Walker say they are actively engaging in “targeted outreach efforts” in early-voting states.

And while no one is coming out and saying it, the “targets” of these outreach efforts are early Rand Paul supporters who have watched his campaign fade into second tier status.

In “First in the South” South Carolina, one of the biggest “gets” would be S.C. Senator Tom Davis – who endorsed Ron Paul in 2012 and appeared alongside Rand Paul at his 2016 campaign kickoff earlier this year in Charleston, S.C.  Davis has a huge following in the limited government movement – and recently buttressed his conservative credentials by singlehandedly sinking a proposed gas tax hike pushed by liberal South Carolina “Republicans.”

That’s upped the value of his 2016 endorsement – and made him one of the top tier prospects for the 2018 gubernatorial election in South Carolina.

Would he flip his support, though?  And if so, to whom?

Davis is known for his loyalty.  He’s stuck by chronic narcissist Mark Sanford through thick and thin, so we don’t see him abandoning Paul’s campaign at the first sign of choppy seas.

In fact Davis affirmed his support for Paul to us this week – saying he’d told potential suitors he remained “committed.”

But one thing is clear: The fact conversations like this are even being broached is a terrible sign for Paul’s once-promising candidacy.

Like Davis, this website endorsed Paul’s father in 2012.  And we have written in generally favorable terms about his career in the U.S. Senate.  Naturally we’ve been disappointed by his 2016 bid – and have expressed our disappointment.

For the sake of the broader debate we hope he turns it around … starting by giving up his attempts to serve two masters.