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SC Speaker: No More Debate On Monuments, Memorials, Etc.




|| By FITSNEWS || S.C. Speaker of the House Jay Lucas issued an emphatic statement this week saying there would be no further discussion of renaming public monuments, memorials, buildings, roads, bridges, etc. during his term as Speaker.

“The South Carolina House of Representatives will not engage in or debate the specifics of public monuments, memorials, state buildings, road names or any other historical markers,” Lucas said. “The General Assembly, the House in particular, made it abundantly clear during the debate of the confederate flag that the only issue they were willing to discuss was the placement of the battle flag on the north lawn of the State House. We reached a swift resolution last week and in doing so put an end to this discussion. Debate over this issue will not be expanded or entertained throughout the remainder of my time as Speaker.”

According to Lucas’ office, the statement was issued after “several South Carolina universities and colleges have formally asked or suggested the General Assembly address changes or exceptions to the South Carolina Heritage Act.”

Among these requests? Clemson University’s flip-flop on the name of its iconic landmark Tillman Hall.  Originally the school’s board of trustees aggressively rebuked efforts to rename the building – which honors former S.C. governor, outspoken white supremacist, lynch law advocate and alleged murderer “Pitchfork” Ben Tillman.

But now the school wants to change the name of the building …

According to the Heritage Act, which brought the Confederate flag off the dome of the S.C. State House in 2000 – “any monument, marker, memorial, school, or street erected or named in honor of the Confederacy or the civil rights movement located on any municipal, county, or state property shall not be removed, changed, or renamed without the enactment of a joint resolution by a two-thirds vote of the membership of each house of the General Assembly.”

Lucas’ statement upholding that provision comes in the aftermath of a caustic debate in the S.C. House over the removal of the Confederate flag.  During that debate, Lucas was aggressively criticized by flag supporters for misleading them.

He’s clearly working to shore up that flank …

Pic: Travis Bell Photography