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(Cheating) Mother’s Day




|| By FITSNEWS || The website – which bills itself as a haven for adulterers – will receive a 500 percent spike in new female members this week.

How come?  Easy: It’s the day after Mother’s Day, and men who fail to demonstrate the proper appreciation for their wife’s maternal efforts are apparently paying the price.

Call it the free market at work, people … as saw a 442 percent increase in new female members in the aftermath of last year’s holiday.

The New York Post ran an item from one such woman, a 42-year-old New Jersey executive who noted her man “hadn’t even thought to buy me flowers, let alone jewelry” in appreciation of her efforts on behalf of him and their two children.

According to the woman, her 48-year-old husband was “always tired and unmotivated.”

“We have sex about once a week, though it’s hardly passionate,” she wrote.  “I never orgasm and just go through the motions.”


So what’s a girl to do?  Cheat, apparently …

“The day after Mother’s Day, I set up a profile on the cheaters’ website Ashley Madison,” the woman wrote.  “I’d had a bit to drink and was feeling flirtatious, so I wrote how I was a voluptuous brunette looking to have an affair.”

And she did … several affairs, actually.

The woman’s takeaway from the experience?

“Mothers need to pamper themselves and have fun elsewhere if they don’t feel appreciated at home,” she wrote.

Ouch …

Guys: We get that you’re tired.  We get that times are tight and work (as well as disposable income for flowers and jewelry) is hard to come by.  But clearly a little appreciation (in and out of the bedroom) is in order.

You never know how steep the price of neglect could wind up being …