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NAACP Sues Black Man For Exercising Free Speech




|| By FITSNEWS || Looks like the NAACP isn’t for the advancement of all “colored people.”  In fact it’s currently suing an Emmy Award-winning black citizen journalist for “trademark infringement, dilution and confusion” after he parodied the organization’s support for abortion.

Ryan Bomberger – co-founder of the Radiance Foundation – says the lawsuit is an effort to censor free speech.

“This lawsuit should be shocking to any American who values truth and the First Amendment,” Bomberger said in a statement. “The irony is painful. The NAACP is suing me – a black man – for exercising my Constitutionally-guaranteed right to free speech.”

Other groups – including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) – agree with him.

“The right to parody prominent organizations like the NAACP is an essential element of the freedom of speech,” the ACLU argued in a brief filed with the U.S. fourth circuit, which heard the case late last month.

We agree …

What’s also interesting?  The district court judge who found Bomberger guilty – Raymond Jackson – wrote in his opinion that “the NAACP has no formal or official position or policy regarding abortion.”


Last time we checked the NAACP was on the record in support of abortion – had been for more than a decade, actually.

“A woman denied the right to control her own body is denied equal protection of the law, a right the NAACP has fought for and defended for nearly 100 years,” a 2004 press release from the organization stated.

What on earth was Jackson thinking stating the NAACP had no position on abortion?

Anyway, this article isn’t about the pro-life debate (we’re pro-life, by the way), nor is it even really about skin color … it’s about the right of individual citizens to speak freely.

That right continues to come under attack in America …