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Nikki Haley Is Commenting As Her Husband Again …




|| By FITSNEWS || S.C. governor Nikki Haley is going after a former field staffer for U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham on Facebook … using her husband Michael Haley‘s profile.

Haley blistered the operative – Joe St. John – after he criticized her for calling out state lawmakers who voted in favor of a gas tax increase.

“Pretty much stinks that our Governor takes to Facebook attacking all the legislators that debated roads today and says that they all just cost us hundreds of millions of dollars,” St. John wrote.  “Here’s the bottom line our Governor does not care what our roads look like it’s obvious, her legacy is about answering the phone with its great day to be a South Carolinian and wanting to be labeled the jobs governor.”

Wow … St. John went on to refer to Haley as “CHILDISH.” (Yes, all caps).

St. John worked on Graham’s 2014 reelection bid – and was then hired by Haley’s top political operative to do work in support of the “Republican” ticket during the 2014 general election.

Haley didn’t take kindly to the criticism ..

Using her husband’s Facebook profile, she defended her criticism of lawmakers.

“In a year when our state took in over $400 million+ in additional revenues, I’m sorry why you don’t understand why I don’t agree that the House raised taxes on every citizen in our state,” she wrote.  “I do care what our roads look like bit (sic) I have worked very hard to bring us to the point of having one of the fastest groeing (sic) economies in the state so we DON’T raise taxes on our citizens. I stand by my stance that the House did an injustice to the citizens of South Carolina. Spending is easy. Smart decisions take work.”

We agree with Haley on this one … although she did precious little “work” on behalf of taxpayers during her first term in office.

We’re glad she’s found a little bit of religion on this issue, but it’s frankly far too little, too late.