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SC Trooper Scandal Update




|| By FITSNEWS || Eleven days ago, this website reported on the termination of lance corporal J.D. McGaha of the S.C. Highway Patrol.  McGaha’s termination came one day after this website submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to the S.C. Department of Public Safety – the state agency which oversees the Highway Patrol.

What did our FOIA seek?  Materials related to an alleged “evidence tampering” investigation involving a senior SCHP official in Horry County – the area where McGaha was assigned to patrol.

Our FOIA has yet to be answered, by the way.  SCDPS has informed us it has records responsive to our request – and we have indicated our willingness to pay the modest fee associated with the production of said records – but we’re still waiting on the documents.

Anyway … as we noted in our story, McGaha’s firing is reportedly the “tip of the iceberg” of a major scandal.  And this week, more information about that scandal was revealed.

According to reporter Jason M. Rodriguez of The (Myrtle Beach, S.C.) Sun News, McGaha was indicted on a federal narcotics conspiracy charge – one related to a federal “vice war” against several coastal businessmen.

McGaha’s conspiracy charge was “related to the three area businessmen and a former Myrtle Beach police officer facing multiple federal money laundering and racketeering charges,” Rodriguez reported.

Details of McGaha’s involvement with these businessmen was not revealed, although the conspiracy charge the feds indicted him on carries a minimum ten-year prison sentence – and a maximum sentence of life in prison.

This website opposes the federal war on drugs.  In fact we specifically weighed in on this particular “vice war” earlier this month.

“Last time we checked South Carolina’s Grand Strand was a popular tourism destination.  One frequented by men looking to spend their money on golf, food and … yeah, a little bit of fun on the side,” we wrote. “Should accommodating their vices be illegal?  No …”

In fact if South Carolina were to legalize drug use, prostitution and gambling, it would be a boon to the state’s coastal economy.

Of course as we have repeatedly pointed out – most notably during the as-yet-unresolved “Lexington Ring” scandal – we have a big-time problem when crooked politicians and corrupt cops decide to selectively enforce vice laws.  Or even worse, profit from their selective enforcement …