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Union Files Petition For Boeing Election




|| By FITSNEWS || The fight we’ve been telling you about for months is finally here … and the stakes are higher than ever.

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers – better known as the IAM – has formally filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for a union election at aircraft manufacturer Boeing’s North Charleston, S.C. facility.

In other words the crown jewel of South Carolina’s “crony capitalist” economy – one which has received more than $1 billion in taxpayer-funded subsidies – could soon fall to Big Labor.

“We’re trying to build a better life for ourselves, our families and our community,” one Boeing employee said in a statement. “We feel the best way to do this is with a collective bargaining agreement that allows us to negotiate with the company over wages, benefits, safety procedures and more.”

The push for unionization would impact an estimated 2,400 workers at the company’s much-maligned North Charleston facility – which manufactures the much-maligned 787 “Dreamliner.”  Just to file the petition, the union needed at least thirty percent of the aforementioned workforce – dubbed the “bargaining unit” – to sign cards authorizing their support for such an election.

How many did they get?  The union would only say “a significant number.”

The NLRB – no friend to right-to-work states – will likely announce election dates and polling locations in the coming weeks.

While South Carolina’s media snoozed on Boeing’s North Charleston production problems, FITS has been exposing a myriad of issues at the facility (including managerial incompetence) dating back for years.

Don’t believe us?  Read this article from November 2013 …



Similarly, we first alerted our readers to the IAM unionization push last August (and updated them on the union’s building momentum in January and February).

S.C. governor Nikki Haley – who loves to make political hay opposing unions – bashed the IAM efforts earlier this year.

“We have beaten back the IAM before,” Haley said in her 2015 State of the State address.  “I have every confidence that the Boeing workers in Charleston will see this play for exactly what it is and reject this union power grab.”

Hold up … did South Carolina really “beat back” the union once before?

No … here’s the real story on that battle.

And more to the point … is Haley’s confidence in the right-to-work leanings of Boeing employees well-placed?

That’s debatable, according to our sources on the ground – who believe the IAM is poised for victory “if not in this election, but the next one.”

“This is a siege,” one of our sources said. “This is only the beginning.”

Taking no chances, IAM specifically called Haley out in its statement about the upcoming election …

“We expect Governor Haley and her friends, who have no clue what it’s like to be a front-line production employee for Boeing, to keep their personal biases to themselves and remain neutral in the weeks leading up to the union vote,” a union spokesperson said.