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Charleston Media Passed On Boeing Revelations




Multiple sources at aircraft manufacturer Boeing’s North Charleston, S.C. facility tell FITS some of the shocking revelations contained in this week’s looming Al Jazeera report were provided to numerous Charleston area media outlets week ago.

None of whom bothered to pursue the story …

Surprise surprise, right?

No, not really … establishment protection is par for the course among the Palmetto State’s mainstream media outlets.

Boeing says “jump,” and South Carolina’s mainstream media asks “how high?”  Then its politicians ask “how much?”  And make you pay the bill …

Anyway, we’re told whistleblowers at the Boeing plant provided three mainstream media outlets in the Charleston area with – among other newsworthy tidbits – evidence of rampant drug use among employees at Boeing’s North Charleston plant.

Obviously that’s just one of the disturbing details said to be included in the Al Jazeera probe – entitled “Broken Dreams: The Boeing 787.”

Obviously none of the local media outlets investigated these reports – let alone published anything unflattering about the company.

In fact in response to the Al Jazeera preview, the Charleston Post and Courier’s Warren Wise wrote an “article” basically attacking the network for its “unauthorized recordings” of Boeing employees.

Sheesh …

By contrast, FITS was the first news outlet in the country to report on production issues at Boeing’s North Charleston facility – which was built thanks to $1 billion in taxpayer-funded incentives doled out by Gov. Nikki Haley and state lawmakers.  Two months later, reporter Phil LeBeau – who covers automotive and aerospace issues for CNBC – confirmed much of our reporting.  More recently, The Seattle Times  and The Wall Street Journal  have referenced South Carolina’s production problems – while Reuters has exclusively reported on how those issues are affecting the company’s global supply chain.

Al Jazeera’s report is scheduled to be released tomorrow.  For air times, CLICK HERE.