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Mark Sanford’s Liberal Hires Raise Eyebrows




|| By FITSNEWS ||  As regular readers of this website are aware, Amy Lazenby (our former liberal guest columnist) is a solid writer.  Her pieces for FITS were always lucidly written, well-conceptualized and well-researched.  And more often than not they were very convincing.

But Lazenby is a self-identified liberal … which makes her hiring as the mouthpiece for a guy claiming to be one of the most “conservative” members of Congress a bit surprising.

Or is it?

FITS readers will recall Sanford hired a liberal environmental lawyer to be his chief of staff last year.  Prior to that he hired a liberal supporter of left-leaning South Carolina billionaire Darla Moore to run the day-to-day operations of his Washington, D.C. office.  Now he’s got a liberal managing his media?

What gives?

Is the “Luv Gov” switching parties? 

Obviously we don’t care nearly as much about an elected official’s staffing moves as we do about their record … although Sanford’s “prayerful” decision to vote for U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner (who immediately screwed taxpayers over big time on Obama’s executive amnesty) was quite telling.

That was a “gut-check” vote – and Sanford failed it.

Additional “gut-check” votes are coming up … on the crony capitalist Export-Import Bank and “Obamatrade,” to name just a couple … and Sanford will be squarely in the spotlight on both votes.

Will he stand with taxpayers?  Or be pulled further to the left?

We’ll find out soon enough …