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Letter: Lancaster SC Bridge Fixed After FITS Report




Dear Editor,

It must be a hard job trying to expose corruption and waste in South Carolina, so here’s a thank you note. Awhile back you ran a story on the S.C. 9 bridge at Wildcat Creek in Lancaster County that was in real bad shape and about to fall in. The S.C. Department of Transportation (SCDOT) hadn’t done anything about it.

Well, your story forced them to fix the bridge at least so it isn’t dangerous for us to drive over anymore. Some pictures are attached.

They added some supports and even put rock on the bank where it was washing real bad.

The highway workers could get fired because they have to send you things like this just to get roads and bridges fixed. If not for you and them the bridge could have fallen in and people could get hurt or killed. Thanks for helping make our roads safer.

A Concerned Citizen
Lancaster County, S.C.

P.S. Please do not use my name.



“Concerned:” You know how FITS rolls. Sources are religiously protected here – and always will be.  Course I’m still not sure that’s a bridge I’d want to drive over! Regardless, I appreciate the kind note, though, and I agree with you: Courageous whistleblowers (like the ones who alerted us to this situation) truly are heroes – risking their jobs to pass along important information.  It’s a shame our government won’t just do its job, isn’t it?  Oh well.  For the latest on the whole roads/ gasoline tax debacle, click here.  In the meantime please continue to keep us in the loop …