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Lancaster SC Bridge: Collapse Imminent?




By FITSNEWS || Residents of Lancaster County, S.C. are furious with Gov. Nikki Haley‘s Department of Transportation (SCDOT) over the agency’s failure to address structural issues with a local bridge.

“It is the worst bridge some engineers have seen in their career,” one SCDOT whistleblower told FITS. “One side of it is about to fall in at any moment but SCDOT won’t fix it. They won’t even post a weight limit on the bridge.”

The bridge – which carries State Highway 9 over Wildcat Creek – has been brought to the attention of this troubled agency on repeated occasions in the past.

In fact television station WBTV TV-3 (CBS – Charlotte, N.C.) did a report on the bridge back in March – but SCDOT officials refused to comment for that story.  Not only that, multiple engineering firms in the Charlotte area refused WBTV’s offer to pay for a professional assessment of the bridge’s condition because they were fearful of “losing business” with SCDOT.

Amazing …

Here’s a picture of the bridge that was taken back in March …

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March 2014

(Pic: Submitted)

And here’s a picture taken this week …

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September 2014

(Pic: Submitted)

Yikes …

“It looks like it’s dropped down even slightly further since March,” our whistleblower noted. “If a heavy truck or a school bus passes over it could collapse and throw the vehicle into the creek and kill the occupants.  SCDOT doesn’t care.”

An estimated 4,500 vehicles – including school buses and numerous semi-trailer trucks – pass over this bridge every day.

SCDOT is reportedly making repairs on multiple bridges in Lancaster County, although this isn’t one of them.  In fact not only was the bridge left off the S.C. General Assembly’s recently approved $53 million bridge replacement program – we’re told the SCDOT district office responsible for Lancaster County “dismantled the bridge repair team that would go around and temporarily repair bridges like this.”

Wow …

More to the point: South Carolina continues to grow its state budget by hundreds of millions of dollars each year – even as its workforce (and the money its workers bring home) remains stagnant.

How on earth do taxpayers have the money to subsidize nonsense like this … yet no money to address critical structural needs?

Seriously: Hundreds of millions of tax dollars are being poured into totally unnecessary, politically motivated projects … and yet every day thousands of people are forced to traverse bridges that could collapse beneath them at any moment?

Sheesh …