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Glenn Beck Rolls Out His Poll Results …




|| By FITSNEWS || We’ve never had much use for conservative commentator Glenn Beck, but lots of people swear by his opinion … and he frequently opines on presidential politics.

Like his recently released presidential preference poll – in which his readers graded twenty-eight prospective “Republican” candidates on a scale from “100” (a.k.a. “the best score possible”) all the way down to “55,” which is the equivalent of “all F votes.”

The winner? Well it sure as hell wasn’t U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham – whose warmongering flirtation with the White House earned a dismal response from Beck’s audience.  In fact Graham finished dead last among the twenty-eight names on Beck’s list – with an average scored of 60.33.

Yikes …

Faring much better?  S.C. governor Nikki Haley – who got a 78.19 average score (good for a C-).  Haley ranked tenth on Beck’s list, which we’re guessing didn’t include a category for … you know what, never mind.

So … who “made the grade” according to Beck’s faithful?  Only two candidates – Wisconsin governor Scott Walker and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.

Take a look …

28. Lindsey Graham 60.33 D-
27. Jeb Bush 61.94 D-
26. Chris Christie 62.96 D-
25. Jon Huntsman 67.47 D
24. Mike Huckabee 68.26 D+
23. Donald Trump 68.33 D+
22. Haley Barbour 68.42 D+
21. Rob Portman 71.10 C-
20. Kelly Ayotte 71.71 C-
19. John Thune 71.86 C-
18. Mitt Romney 71.97 C-
17. Susana Martinez 73.77 C
16. Carly Fiorina 74.09 C
15. Mike Pence 74.69 C
14. John R. Kasich 75.13 C
13. John Bolton 77.50 C+
12. Rick Santorum 77.55 C+
11. Paul Ryan 78.06 C+
10. Nikki Haley 78.19 C+
9. Sarah Palin 80.13 B-
8. Marco Rubio 81.61 B-
7. Rick Perry 82.25 B-
6. Bobby Jindal 85.12 B
5. Rand Paul 85.73 B
4. Allen West 87.55 B+
3. Ben Carson 88.99 B+
2. Scott Walker 92.02 A-
1. Ted Cruz 92.47 A-

Interesting …

We like what we’ve seen of Cruz and Walker so far – and of Jindal. And we’re inclined to give Paul every opportunity to impress us as well. As for the rest of that list? Eh … pretty weak. In fact the deeper you go, the weaker it gets …

Of course let’s face it … looking for a national savior within the “Republican” party is like looking for a virgin in a whorehouse. You can look, but …