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SC Treasurer Bashes Chris Christie




By FITSNEWS || If New Jersey governor Chris Christie campaigns for the presidency in early voting South Carolina, he probably shouldn’t expect a warm reception from S.C. Treasurer Curtis Loftis.

Loftis – a favorite of Tea Party and establishment “Republicans” in the Palmetto State – ripped the rotund “Republican” in the wake of reports revealing that Christie’s wife was getting paid a $474,000 annual salary from an investment firm making bank off of the state’s pension fund.

A firm that was supposed to have been cut out of the pension fund loop years ago …

News of the controversial arrangement was first reported by International Business Times.

“The disclosure that New Jersey taxpayers have been paying substantial fees to a firm that employs the governor’s spouse — years after state officials said the investment was terminated — emerged in documents released by the Christie administration to International Business Times through a public records request,” the website reported.

In other words, it was a big secret until IBTimes  demanded the info …

Christie, his wife and executives at the firm all refused to comment on the report.

Who did comment?  A top New Jersey pension trustee, who referred to the revelations as “extremely problematic” and raising “some truly serious ethical red flags.”

We agree … this is more of the same self-serving behavior we’ve (sadly) come to expect from “Republican” and Democratic officials.

But it was Loftis’ remarks that caught our eye …

Curtis Loftis

Curtis Loftis

“When dealing with retiree money, the appearance of a conflict of interest is damning and must be avoided at all cost,” he told IBTimes. “If the state of New Jersey has a previous existing relationship with the fund, (Christie’s wife) needs to look for a job elsewhere.  The public employees of New Jersey shouldn’t have to worry about whether politically connected financial executives have an effect on their pensions.  They’ve worked too hard for those pensions.  They deserve these pensions without being concerned about political meddling.”

Loftis went on to say “Governor Christie was smart enough to get himself elected governor, and his wife was smart enough to get herself appointed to a significant job at a high performing fund on Wall Street. People that smart ought to know better than to put themselves in this kind of position.”

First, let’s asses Loftis’ comments from a credibility standpoint …

More than anyone else in state government, this is a guy who has stood up for the integrity of South Carolina’s pension fund – doing so against some pretty powerful enemies (who have done their level best to take him out).

In other words, if there is anyone we should listen to when it comes to issues like this – it’s Loftis.

Beyond that, though, this rebuke stings Christie politically because it’s coming from a top official in an early voting state.  In other words he’s making enemies where he needs to be making friends.

This website has repeatedly called out Christie as being nothing but a tool of the anti-free market, anti-liberty, pro-welfare/ warfare statist GOP establishment – and thus an unsuitable option for the presidency.

Like this guy …

He was never going to be our choice in the 2016 “First in the South” presidential primary, but it’s nice to see others taking note of his self-serving behavior and reaching the same conclusion.