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SC Corruption: “Tip Of The Iceberg?”




By FITSNEWS || Ever since this website first reported on a major corruption investigation at the S.C. State House, rumors have abounded as to the nature and extent of the probe.

Thousands of words have been written in an effort to determine who’s being investigated – and for what.  Our most recent reporting on the matter can be found HERE, but the bottom line is simple: Until the team of federal-state prosecutors completes its work (and issues indictments) no but they know for sure what’s going down.

Anyway … this week our friends over at The Nerve, a publication of the S.C. Policy Council, released a political cartoon by Robert Ariail addressing the probe.

In the cartoon (above), Ariail depicts the recent scandal that took down former S.C. Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell as being the “tip of the iceberg” of corruption in South Carolina government.  He also depicts the “ship of state” as steaming headlong toward its date with disaster … completely oblivious as to what is lurking below (sort of like our citizenry is completely oblivious to … well, lots).

It’s a nifty depiction … on several levels.

We can only hope Ariail’s sources – like ours – are accurate and the true depth of all the shady self-serving behavior at the S.C. State House is brought to light.

More to the point, we hope voters can steer the ship away from corrupt leaders in the future … although the impending reelection of ethically challenged “Republican” governor Nikki Haley doesn’t exactly bode well.

Unless of course she’s a target of the “probe” as well …

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