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Amazon Ramping Up Seasonal Hiring




By FITSNEWS || Since that drone delivery thing hasn’t taken off yet, online retailer Amazon is ramping up seasonal hiring in anticipation of the 2014 holiday shopping season.

The company will be adding 80,000 jobs at its nationwide network of fifty fulfillment centers (and fifteen sortation centers).  That will include new positions at its two South Carolina fulfillment centers – located in Lexington and Spartanburg Counties.

Wait … hold up.  Jobs?  Coming to South Carolina?  Why yes … seasonal jobs, but jobs nonetheless.

So where is the Palmetto State’s “Jobs Governor” Nikki Haley?  How come she isn’t rushing to take credit for these positions?

And how come it’s not a “great day in South Carolina?”

Ummm … yeah.  About that.

In 2011, Haley permitted a tax break for Amazon to become law … after she rebuked it publicly.

“I knew it was bad policy,” Haley said in early 2011 after the S.C. House initially rejected the deal. “By allowing Amazon to get a tax break, when you are not giving it to any other business in our state – destroys what I am saying and immediately disputes everything that we say South Carolina is.”

Those are strong words … but we supported them (this website rejects corporate cronyism on principle).

Two months later, though, Haley allowed the tax break to become law … and three years later she’s totally sold out to corporate cronyism, throwing hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks to select corporations (including some exceedingly questionable disbursements to campaign contributors).

Oh well …

So how many seasonal jobs is Amazon creating in the Palmetto State? We asked …

“We are creating thousands of seasonal jobs in the state of South Carolina at our two fulfillment centers,” company spokesman Kelly Cheeseman told FITS. “The pay varies. On average, seasonal associates earn 95 percent of Amazon permanent starting wages. During the holidays, seasonal associates play a critical role in helping meet increased demand from customers.”

Interested applicants can apply at