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2014 Senate Debate: Lindsey Graham Punks Out



By FITSNEWS  ||  U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham has all the time in the world … at least when it comes to appearing on establishment-friendly “inside the Beltway” talk shows in Washington, D.C.  In fact with the exception of his fellow fiscally liberal warmonger John McCain, no politician has more time for such self-serving hyperventilation.

Of course when it comes time to come back home and face the people of South Carolina, Graham insists on picking his crowds.

And he’s definitely got no time to debate.

This week, Graham officially declined to participate in an October 13 debate sponsored by S.C. Educational Television (SCETV).

Graham’s cowardice – nothing new to readers of FITS – drew a swift and stern rebuke from S.C. Sen. Brad Hutto, the Democrat campaigning for this seat.

“Lindsey gets breathless with excitement when it comes to sending our young men and women to war but is terrified at the thought of defending his own record in a public debate,” Hutto said. “(This) seat does not belong to Lindsey Graham, it belongs to the people. The people deserve to hear from him.”

Hutto specifically singled out Graham’s recent demand that U.S. ground troops be sent to Syria as evidence of his lack of “courage.”

“How can Lindsey continue to advocate for American boots on the ground all over the Middle East and beyond when he himself doesn’t have the courage to participate in an hour long debate with me and Thomas Ravenel?” Hutto added.

Good point …

At this point it’s abundantly clear Graham – despite his abysmal approval ratings – is going to be reelected to a third term as South Carolina’s senior U.S. Senator.  Hutto is simply too liberal to have a prayer against him, and so far Ravenel’s petition campaign has failed to ignite.

That makes it all the more embarrassing for Graham …

Seriously, man.  Show some balls.  If you’ve got them.