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SC Secretary Of State Candidate Has Some Moves …



We don’t know much about S.C. Secretary of State candidate Ginny Deerin – other than she’s the first Democrat ever endorsed by the S.C. Club for Growth, a limited government group that has typically embraced fiscally conservative “Republican” candidates for elected office.

“We are endorsing Ginny Deerin for three reasons,” the group’s chairman said. “First, her plan to cut the budget, cut the fees and cut regulations in the Secretary of State’s office compellingly aligns with our commitment to fiscal conservatism.”

Obviously Deerin isn’t going to win.  She’s running as a Democrat in a state where enough people reflexively pull the “Republican” lever to deliver consistent victories to the GOP.

What’s been the result of that?  Yeah … a lot of “not good.”  And a lot of “not getting better.”

Anyway … none of that is likely to matter to those who view Deerin’s latest campaign YouTube video …

(Click to play)

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Wow … home girl has got some moves, although we’re guessing in a state like South Carolina Deerin’s support for equal rights is going to “move” voters out of her column.

That’s too bad … Deerin seems to be a much better choice for Secretary of State than the incumbent, “Republican” Mark Hammond.