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Steve French’s “Contract With South Carolina”




By FITSNews  ||  With less than six weeks to go before South Carolina voters head to the polls, Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Steve French wants to give them something to think about.

Ten things, actually.

This week French unveiled his ten-point “Contract with South Carolina,” a reform document containing several proposals this website has previously embraced.  French’s plan calls for a host of big-ticket fixes – including a shift away from corporate subsidies in favor of eliminating individual and corporate income taxes.

“It has been proven that states without an income tax grow faster than states that do,” French said. ” Eliminating the personal and corporate income tax can be funded by simply returning to 2010 levels of spending.”

Self-styled independent Republican Tom Ervin has also called for eliminating the income tax – which was pushed legislatively this year by S.C. Sen. Katrina Shealy, a former ally of incumbent “Republican” Nikki Haley.

We support the plan wholeheartedly as an essential and long-overdue step away from crony capitalism – and in the direction of jobs, investment and an empowered consumer economy.

French also takes aim at the Palmetto State’s deplorable government-run school system by funding “the student, not the school.”

“School choice means parents are free to choose which schools their children attend and public funding follows the individual student not the zip code the child lives in,” he said.

Amen to that one, too …

What else is on French’s agenda?  Capping government spending to population and inflation growth, enacting ethics reform (specifically the eight-point plan proposed by the S.C. Policy Council), permitting private sector gaming, treating marijuana like alcohol, reforming Medicaid, getting government out of the marriage business and requiring all law enforcement officers to wear cameras.

Each and every one of those items represents a policy position this website has endorsed … and there’s no denying that if French’s contract were adopted next January, South Carolina would see dramatic improvements in its economic, academic and health care outcomes.

As opposed to, you know, more of the same …

French is the first Libertarian to run for governor in more than a decade.  And while his views are obviously in alignment with the party that nominated him, he’s not what voters typically think of when they envision a “Libertarian candidate.”

French is young, good-looking, successful in business and has a compelling personal narrative (he survived cancer as a child).  Not only that, he’s adept at putting his views on limited government and individual liberty into accessible terms.

Seriously … if this guy had even half a million dollars to get on television, he’d be a lock to pull at least seven percent of the South Carolina electorate.

We don’t care about French’s intangibles, though … all we care about is that he’s right on the policy issues that matter most to us.

And should matter most to you … assuming you care about South Carolina rising up from the primordial ooze.