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Sandstorm: Old Man Style




For those of you not hip to the Finnish trance genre, “Sandstorm” is its crowning achievement.  Recorded in 1999 by DJ Darude for his Before the Storm  album, it has become the unofficial anthem of the University of South Carolina football team during the Steve Spurrier era.

Wanna see it in all its glory?  Click HERE.

“Sandstorm” is also on the EA Sports NHL 11 soundtrack, which is our founding editor’s one video  game addiction.  And yeah if you thought a stadium of 80,000-plus fans going berserk in unison over a song was impressive, you ought to see an out-of-shape, middle-aged man dancing around his living room in nothing but his boxers on celebrating something one of his video game players did.

Hmmmm … no way to un-picture that, is there?

Anyway, while Sandstorm is typically associated with the South Carolina student section – which has come around nicely in the wake of our pep talk last year – it’s apparently capable of inspiring fans of all ages.

Like this codger …

(Click to play)

Impressive …

Banner Pic: Travis Bell Photography