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Mitt Romney Is Still Talking




Perhaps envisioning a Richard Nixon-style redemption, crony capitalist/ welfare statist/ global interventionist Mitt Romney continues to engage the 2016 presidential process.

This week Romney – the 2012 GOP nominee – told Fox News Sunday  there was “no question” he would make a better president than Hillary Clinton.

Wait … “no question?”  Or “no difference.”  Because last time we checked both Clinton and Romney love them some socialized medicine.

Anyway Romney – who couldn’t convince enough voters to trust him last go-round – is sounding increasingly like he wants to be a 2016 contender.  Which we’re sure the GOP establishment will appreciate seeing as its preferred candidates keep imploding.

“You’ve got to get this economy going,” Romney said. “You have to have people who understand what it takes to create jobs and to help people come out of poverty, to help the middle class to have a better and prosperous future. You’ve got to have that understanding.”

And he does?  Last time we checked his socialized medicine plan cost Massachusetts thousands of jobs and raised health care costs – which is exactly what we’re seeing with the socialized medicine plan of the guy who beat him in November 2012, Barack Obama.

According to Romney, Clinton lacks the experience needed to “to make an administration work,” “to work with Congress” and “to get things done.”

“Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are two peas in the same pod,” Romney said. “And the American people have tasted that and have said, look, that’s not a good taste. It’s not right for the American people.”