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People Are Getting It In Britain, Too




Slowly but surely, Americans are starting to figure out that there’s very little difference between “Republicans” and Democrats in Washington, D.C.  Sure, billions of dollars are being spent this election cycle in an effort to perpetuate comparatively minor distinctions between the two establishment parties, but at the end of the day their visions for big and bigger government – more invasive and more interventionist government (at home and abroad) – differ only at the margins.

That’s because both parties are slaves to the same special interests … at the expense of our interests.

Anyway, the upheaval we’re seeing within the “Republican” Party – which its top presidential contenders are doing their best to manage – strikes us as eerily similar to what’s going on across the ocean in Great Britain.

There, a new party – the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) – scored a major coup this week when a leading member of the Conservative Party (a.k.a. the “Tories”) defected to its banner.

“I want change,” British Member of Parliament (MP) Douglas Carswell said at a press conference announcing his defection.  “Things can be better than this.”

Blasting the “cozy Westminster elite” (a.k.a. Britain’s equivalent of “Washington elite”), Carswell said that the Tory party is “not on our side” and that its leaders are “in it for themselves.”

Amen, dude.  Amen.  On both sides of the pond …

A rebellion is coming, people … as more and more of those getting the shaft are starting to open their eyes.

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