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Take Your Signs Down, Sheri Few




This website has little use for Sheri Few.  She’s a panderer of the worst sort, and her campaign for S.C. Superintendent of Education stooped to new depths of intellectual incuriosity.

And that’s saying something for the intellectually incurious Palmetto State …

Anyway, Few continues to travel around the state spreading her unique, trollish brand of Jesus-heavy self-aggrandizement. And for reasons surpassing understanding (perhaps her ability to rail against federal “Common Core” standards louder than anyone else) there are a handful of “Republican” and Tea Party activists who continue to take her seriously.

Hell, more than 20,000 people actually voted for this cross between “Tailgunner Joe” and Rexella Van Impe.

Few is clearly angling to run for some sort of elected office again … which if you appreciate sanctimony, intellectual bankruptcy and general ass-hattery is something we suspect you’ll enjoy.

The rest of us?  We just want Few to drink a nice tall glass of STFU and crawl back beneath whatever underpass she calls home.  In lieu of that, though, Few needs to take her campaign signs down – you know, seeing as she lost.  Months ago.  And seeing as the next superintendent’s race isn’t for another four years .

Seriously, Few’s campaign was over on June 10.  There’s no excuse for her campaign signs to still be littering South Carolina roadsides nearly ten weeks later.

Take your signs down, Sheri Few … or we’ll do the public a long-overdue service and take them down for you.




Agreed. This website has consistently opposed Common Core – and consistently supported free market reforms in the education marketplace.

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