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Spear Phishing Congress? State Legislatures?




The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is warning members of the U.S. Senate and State Senates across the country of a “spear phishing” threat allegedly targeting their professional and personal email accounts.

“We have reason to believe members of the US Senate, State Senates, and other elected legislative officials may have been or will be targeted, in the near term, by a spear phish campaign,” an FBI flash advisory issued late last week revealed. “FBI has observed unattributed cyber actors, suspected to be state sponsored, performing research on members of the US Senate as well as members of the State Senates. This activity is typically a precursor to a spear phish attack.”

Wait … what the heck is a “spear phish attack?”

“It’s an email that sends you a link to a site that looks legit – like the real Bank of America site – but instead it’s a fake site and they get your password and other info and steal from you,” technology expert Karl Steinborn explained to FITS.

Ahhh …

According to the FBI, “as of 13 August 2014, some of the spear phish emails to State Senators have already been sent” as part of an “advanced threat.”

South Carolina lawmakers were notified of the threat by Gigi Brickle, executive director of the S.C. General Assembly’s legislative services agency (LSA).

“Please read the following FBI alert and take the necessary precautions,” Brickle wrote in an email to lawmakers.

Hmmmmm …

Ordinarily we’d feel sorry for the “victims” of something like this, but given the deception these politicians employ on a daily basis to steal from us there’s a certain poetic justice associated with people using deception to steal from them.

Bleed ’em dry, we say …


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